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Chocolate Day!

I’ve just discovered that today is Chocolate day! (apparently there are several through out the year) I’m going to mark the day with a couple of small squares of 85% dark, any one else going to celebrate?


Well since it’s a celebratory day who am I to sit here and go without, lol! Gonna buy myself a bar of Lindt! :heart:

:frowning: I’m allergic to chocolate.
Do you think a gold bar would count?

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mmmmmmmmmm Chocolate… I think a bar of Lindt sounds like a wonderful idea :slight_smile: They probable wont have it in our local shop but if I’m lucky there may be a bar of something tasty waiting there for me :slight_smile:


I don’t think I could cope if I was allergic to chocolate. Enjoy your gold bar.

I am a Cadbury Diary Milk girl through and through, I’ve eaten enough of it over the years, its what my plump layer is made of!!!


I love Dairy Milk Suzzie!! For once, I can’t wait for home time to collect Molly from school, just to get my bar of Lindt but I’m gonna grab a Dairy Milk too! :grin:

I used to like dairy milk but now it is much too sweet for me. I hope I’m not ruining anyone’s waistline with all this talk of chocolate…

Just look at this ladies!! Those prices are too cute! 1970’s chocolate wrappers. x


Goodness, that takes me back, Milk Tray in a bar wonderful idea, pity they dont do them any more, What a wonderful treat that would be.

Look at the size of the bars!! Those were the days (well more the 80’s than 70’s, but still :-))

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Mmmmm my kind of discussion lol :chocolate_bar:

I remember those Cadbury button bags with the nursery rhyme on. My mum would buy me a bag from the shops if I’d behaved well.
I can’t remember having them a lot hehehehe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Apparently I used to follow the shop lady around while she was stamping on the price with that tag gun thingy. I would then cover my whole face, arms and hands with price tags.

I think I was abit of an handful :smiley:

I’ve just munched a Jaffa cake mini roll, but I’m not going to count that as it barely had any chocky on. I’m going to munch my Cadbury marvellous creations with popping candy. My daughter got it me on the way home from school yesterday. Little duck xx



I love the vision of someone covered in price tags, I normally went for covering myself in mud or paint…

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Couldn’t resist sorry!! x :relaxed:


Love those Kelly @tagpress :smile:

Not in my shop but it seems appropriate…

I’m making myself hungry.


Count me in… it’s my duty to support a special day. :chocolate_bar:

Good news, October 28th and December 28th are also ‘chocolate day’ depending on where you are in the world.

I wish !!! Decided that I COULD eat healthily and abstain from lovely food ( chocolate and ice cream) for a month to try and lose some weight (and to prove to my mum that I do have a miniscule amount of willpower). Been eating lots of fruit (raspberries , strawberries, redcurrants, cherries, blueberries etc) and salad but the body has finally revolted !!! I was up all night being ill , had really bad stomach pains and the lack of sleep meant a raging headache. My mum called in earlier, not knowing I had taken the day off sick, and she thinks it is too much acid as she has the same problem when she eats anything even slightly acidic. So, chocolate may be the best food in the whole world but I don’t actually think my stomach could cope today… and I’ve learned that eating healthily can make you ill !!! ( unlike ice cream and chocolate which never makes me ill :slight_smile: )

Thanks Karen @karenscraftybitz lol. I have my chocolate now, and will indulge a little later this evening while watching the soaps!! :grin:

Is it chocolate day in the UK on the 28th of October & December @SashaGarrett? I didn’t even know we had a chocolate day other than Easter!

Sorry to hear you was sick @SamsGemstoneJewellery. I have an hiatus hernia and I shouldn’t eat chocolate either! #yolo :grin: