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Christmas Colour Schemes

Evening all,
I’ve been looking at Christmas decorations today and am totally undecided on my colour scheme this year. I’ve seen rose gold coloured decorations today and they’re so lovely but might mean I have to buy all new! :wink:
What are you all thinking? Tips would be great!

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I always choose red, green and gold at Christmas. Somehow blue, pink, purple and black don’t seem right. It also means that I can keep using my old stuff and just buy replacements for the baubles that have broken!

Traditionally, red represents blood and death (of Christ or maybe in the pagan religions the sacrificial animals butchered for the feast), green rebirth and new life (personified in evergreen plants like mistletoe, and gold the rising of the Sun following the longest night and the promise of riches in the new year to come.

Sam x


I always expect mine to bounce when they hit the floor…but they don’t! :blush:


I also keep to gold, red and green at Christmas, I just add to the decorations I have already, which I love to keep for their sentimental value and happy memories. :slight_smile:


Traditional colours are very pretty though, I’m always drawn to them x

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There’s that moment, where you think “Please bounce.” but it never seems to happen!

Sam x

I fell in love with the rose gold decorations too, they seem to be popular this year.

I like lots of white with that Scandinavian look but I am tempted by the rose gold!

I always stick to the traditional colours, though I may have some different colours on the tree. Things like white holly is just wrong and I hate co-ordinated Christmas trees. I think they should be exuberant and slightly shambolic. But that’s just my taste and I don’t expect you to share it, @LittleTrinketGirl :slight_smile:

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I don’t bother with a colour scheme, anything goes in my house, the brighter and more colourful the better! I add to my tree baubles every year and each one has memories attached to it - that’s more important to me than matching everything to someone else’s idea of what’s trendy or cool.


On our tree it is a total mix of red green gold and a touch of purple, I got bamboozled one year and fell in love with the trendy colour! Most of the decorations are robins, angels, hearts, stars, stockings and 3 wise men.
Definitely no theme.
Guess traditional.
but definitely no blue.
When the trees are up and dressed lets post a picture of them for us all to see.
Suzzie x


Great idea! We should definitely share our creations.

My next question…when are you all putting the Christmas tree up? I’m thinking beginning of December maybe :snowman_with_snow:️:gift:

Beginning of December for putting the tree up. Gold, copper, bronze and cream for the colour scheme… same as every year. We also have two smaller trees and the colour of those matches the décor of the room - red and beige on one and zesty green and white on the other.

I stick to the Twelfth Night tradition, so I get a bit sick of the tree if I put it up too early (plus it starts to look a bit sad in the central heating). So no earlier than 10 days before Christmas for me.

I love traditional Christmas colours x

For us the weekend of 10/11th December! Can’t wait! Jingle bells :christmas_tree: jingle bells…
Suzzie x

I had an unusual order the other day for one of my table decorations and here’s a picture of the finished product. I think it works well.

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We will put the tree etc up weekend of the 10th Dec, :christmas_tree: I like the traditional colours red, green, gold with lots of red. I’ve been making decorations so there will be few of my creations around the house :christmas_tree:Usually take the tree down soon after new year before my birthday!

My tree will go up on the 11th and yes what a great idea to post pics of our tree’s :slight_smile:

We always have ‘Christmas Tree Day’ - a family tradition that has snowballed over the years into choosing a tree at the local (now expensive but we can’t break the tradition!)) Christmas tree farm, a cosy meal in a nearby pub followed by a trip to a farm shop to stock up on festive treats, then back home to wrestle the tree into its pot and decorate it over a glass of Baileys!

This day is firmly in my daughter’s diary and even though she no longer lives at home - she’ll be back!!!
Great idea to post photos of our trees! :slight_smile:

I’ve chosen red, green and gold as a theme for my shop this year.