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Christmas present ideas to make

(Susannah Ayre) #1

Hi Folks of Folksy!!

I love to make Christmas presents for friends and family. Each year I try to come up with something different, but as I also make things to sell, I need to start pretty soon so that I’m not running around on Christmas Eve (like usually happens)

In the past I’ve made everything from homemade cosmetics (bath salts, scrubs, massage bars etc) to driftwood drinks cabinets and candle holders…but this year I am finding a total lack of inspiration!..I am a Pinterester through and through…but even on there I can’t seem to get any ideas or see anything that I think would be good to make for someone else.

The youngest person in mine and my husbands family is 22…so thankfully don’t have to think about children, but I actually think that makes it harder!!

So…I thought this might be a good place for people to share ideas!! I’m sure there are a lot of other people on here that prefer to make things…so let’s get that inspiration flowing (please!!!) :smile:

Thanks folks.


(Diane Burton) #2

How about jewellery? Earrings/brooches for the women, cufflinks/tie-pins for the men , necklaces/bracelets can be made for either, the equipment/supplies needed don’t have to be too expensive either.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Are any of those on your present list Foodies?

I have two on my list, both are 24years of age and they love anything food related. For the past 2 years and again this year they’ve asked if Mrs Santa ie me can make them some more bottles of infused Olive Oils to cook with and add to their salads.

It’s quite easy but they take 3months to mature.

You require a good quality virgin olive oil and some nice flavours ie spices and herbs.

You use sterile bottles best way to do that is pop them into the oven and slowly raise the tempeture and leave them in there for a good 10minutes then turn off you oven and let it cool.

Once your bottles have gone cold add your spices/ herbs then pour your extra virgin olive oil on top until bottle is full

Store away as you would normally store olive oil.

One of mine love garlic olive oil or garlic and rosemary

The other always asks for chilli olive oil and rosemary and sage olive oil

Fresh spices and herbs work better and look great in the bottle but you can used dried herbs and spices but I think they take a wee bit longer to mature.

The longer you leave them before using the stronger the flavour becomes.

(Susannah Ayre) #4

Foodie stuff is a good idea Eileen…Something like that would be pretty good as well.
I’m happy to make things eel in advance. I’ve made Christmas biscuits and stuff in the past but I’m always making them on Christmas Eve, and I don’t really want to spend the day before hanging out in the kitchen. That’s a good idea though. Thanks for sharing!!
I’ve made sloe gin in the past as well which people loved…last year there were no sloes though sadly - I might be luckier this year however as the weather has been a lot better.

Good Idea too Diane thanks…Never made any sort of jewellery before so it’s going to have to be something quite simple…but it’s possible!!!

If I can made some sloe gin or something as well as a few other foodie things in advance that would be pretty good…for a few people anyway…hmmm…this is getting me thinking which is what I needed thanks!!

Feel free to keep the ideas coming folks!! This is good!! Best place to ask on a forum full of creative people!! :slight_smile:

(Karen Ellam) #5

In the past I’ve whipped up little nicely ribbon wrapped bags with handmade chocolate covered peppermint creams. They were so easy to make and were cute little gifts to give to friends and family. My daughter enjoyed making them with me :blush:
I picked up a couple of really well made cake pop makers from pound land with lolly pop sticks the other week. A variety of yummy cake pops nicely packaged would make a nice gift and inexpensive to make a few batches.

Mmmm I’m trying to thing of some ideas non food related but there are some great ideas already suggested.
I have seen candle making packs in shops, but I don’t know how easy they are to make. :grinning:

Karen :sunflower:

(Roz) #6

Oh so many ideas!

Sewing projects: cushions, purses, make up bags, pin cushions, phone cases, tablet covers etc
Knitted items: scarves, hats etc
Papercraft - scrapbook, album, make your own notebook/album or buy in and decorate - maybe fill it with photos/memories of family
Upcycle a photo frame/trinket box etc using decoupage
Pictures: use various media to make a collage/picture (or wet felt a picture using one of my kits!)

Thats a few ideas to be getting on with! :smile:

(Angrycatcrochet) #7

I made this chilli sauce one year for my brother, he absolutely loved it!! More than any present I ever bought him!! It’s messy to make (if you cook like me anyway :P) but end result is tasty.

This year I am making a stop motion animation starring my nephews using polymer clay, then I’m going to turn the characters into christmas tree ornaments as a present for my brother and sister inlaw. Big endeavour but hopefully it’ll be worth it!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Yep notebooks are great

knitted and crochet items in fact ‘adopted’ daughter wants me to knit her a pair of knee high striped socks.

I do a lot of preserves jams, pickles, chutneys, sauces, home made juices, sweets etc.
Do you remember chocolate crispy things well I make a very adult version. with ginger snap biscuits, dried fruit, cranberries, freezed dried raspberries, chopped up dried apricots and mix of white and dark chocolate, Place in baking trays in my fridge than brake into pieces with a toffee hammer. Make pretty paper bags to place the broken bits into and tie up with coloured twine and with a handmade tag. My friends love receiving them.

(Susannah Ayre) #9

LOVE all the ideas!!! This is great…why didn’t I think of this sooner? haha

I hope for anyone else who makes gifts this might also be helpful!

And that’s an awesome idea making the stop motion…quite an endeavour yes, but it sounds really great!! :smile:

(Roz) #10

Sweeties! fudge, coconut ice, mint creams, chocolate truffles all really easy to make

Ooo Im even giving myself some ideas now!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

ooooo that’s the nigella chilli jam my husband makes with our home grown chilli’s :smiley:

(Donna) #12

I’m definitely going to try this recipe. I grew far too many chillies this year lol
Donna x

(Leathermeister) #13

What a lot of lovely ideas, have done the preserves, alchols, sweets,cakes,candles, crackers and the very occasional knitted jumper. When I was a child I knitted my dad a string vest he even wore it., but I don’t think there is much call now for such a fashionable item of knitwear.

@angrycatcrochet what a wonderful idea, I think it will be a lot of work but it I think they will love the result.

(Jacqueline Austen) #14

Hubby and I fell on quite hard times a few years back and we have a large extended family to buy for. Like many of you, we decided to make and bake. So now, I make up hampers every year with home steeped fruity alcoholic beverages, jams, chutneys, mincemeat, Christmas cake, Christmas puds and chocolates etc. A great way to give presents to food allergy sufferers too, as you can make the items yourself and know exactly what the ingredients are. I have a family member who is highly allergic to nuts. The family couldn’t find anywhere to buy decent Christmas puds or mince pies that were guaranteed nut free - now they have no problem! In fact, just about to start on the cakes and puds once the children go back to school.

Oh, there are loads of sloes this year - well here in Hampshire anyway, so hopefully there will be where you are too.

Happy making!

Jacqueline x