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Christmas stocking opinions

Id like ot make some Xmas stockings and im thinking about fabric.
I was going to go for the Nordic style print, quite sensible designs, but have realised these are aimed at adults.
Should I go for a more comedic print so it appeals to kids?

Are your stockings meant for use or as a decoration? If you are aiming for the 20-30 somethings who are looking to just decorate their place then the nordic would appeal. As a kid I used an old rugby sock (faded blue) as a stocking as capacity mattered more to me than style, it stretched to accomodate stuff and the hole in heel allowed for longer items to poke out and the obligatory satuma fitted nicely into the toe…

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Hmm, I reckon the customers are at the older end of the scale, so maybe they may buy for their grand kids.
They are decorative and lined so prezzys can go in.
I guess I could make some Nordic and some to appeal to kids.

I’d definitely try both types of style so you appeal to as wide a target as possible.