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Does anyone make something similar?

I spotted these lovely knitted socks and that my daughter would love. They were retailing at £18 but they don’t do child sizes - is there anyone on her that does anything similar or knows where I can get some? I googled Folksy and the big E but could only find knitting patterns, not the actual ready made product


Sorry can’t help with your quest but I now want a pair of these socks!


Hi Natalie.
Im a knitter, but have never done socks. I found the same ones for sale on Etsy, coming from the States using the same pattern.
I’ve just agreed to do some knitting for local hospice shop, so wouldn’t be able to get these done for you for a while.
Hope you manage to get them. Am sure your daughter will love them.

I’ve just googled it and you can get a pdf pattern from Etsy - there’s a shark as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

I want a pair too!

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Sorry can’t help, but I love them :heart_eyes::grinning:

Sadly, I don’t know how to knit!

They’re brilliant! Sadly I can’t help either (not a knitter) but I would also love a pair!

Try Knitted up North, not sure if she does socks but worth a message?