Christmas Wish List

Well not long now. What is on your Christmas wish list? Mine is mostly crafting tools and hope Santa can get them down the chimney, lol


Can’t believe how quickly this Christmas has come around.
Hope you get the pressies you wish for Caroline @Caroleecrafts. I have no idea how Santa is going to be able to deliver our pressies, we don’t have a chimney and if we did Charlie greyhound would be at the bottom of it barking.
I do have my eye on a sweet little necklace and pendant, just hope I can steer OH or either son in the right direction.
Charlie has heard where I’ve hidden his pressie which is a toy that rustles, and has therefore taken up station in front of the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. :smiley:


So funny Lynn. I have to get into the house, clandestine fashion and shoot upstairs with Shiloh’s gifts. The problem is think pet shop toys have a certain smell!

He keep going to his stocking. Asked him if he had been good boy this year and what will Santa bring, sits looking at his stocking!


Oh bless him, I hope he has fun on Christmas day. x :smiley:

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Morning Ladies,

Christmas always seems to come around too quickly! I always think I have plenty of time in November & then December hits & suddenly it’s the end of the school term! I don’t know where it goes :rofl:

I’ve got lots of quilt planning books on my list so :crossed_fingers: I can actually get organised next year!

Don’t worry Lynn @erkinwald according to ‘The Santa Clause’ Santa creates a chimney & fireplace if you don’t have one and it disappears when he leaves :rofl:

Have a lovely Christmas all,

Cheers Lou


What a clever Santa he is… :wink: :rofl:


I would like inspiration and energy to learn new crafts and new techniques and bake more! I’m not too demanding for Santa, I hope?!

May all your wishes come true!


I would like some more patience, to knit more, to learn to be better at crochet and to bake less :grin:


I would like an extra couple of hours in every day where the world stops and I Can draw breath and catch up!

Also a sewing table so the living room isn’t always a mess… but I think that is in hand as my hints were extremely unsubtle… :crossed_fingers:

I hope all your wishes come true!