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Clicking to shops from forum posts

(Thecraftycurioshop) #1

Just noticed we can now click straight to shops from the forum posts. That is much better. I expect it has been like it for ages and everybody else has already noticed!

(Margaret Jackson) #2

It’s been like that for about a week or so I think. There was a fairly long thread about it back then!

Great feature isn’t it :smile:

(Little Ramstudio) #3

Question regarding this - do we have to do some from this end to make it happen?

(Liz Dyson) #4

Hi, @littleRamstudio, as your shopping trolley isn’t showing all you need to do is log out of the forum and log back in again, then it will pop up magically. Unfortunately for some, well, me at least, it won’t stay there, so if I want my shopping trolley to be visible, I have to log out of the forum every single time I post something. I’ve asked @sianfolksy1 about it but not heard anything back, yet.


(Little Ramstudio) #5

SImple as that, Thank you Liz :smile: