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Shopping trolly & link to shop

(Angela R Connah) #1

I’ve noticed that some people in the forum have a little shopping trolly icon and a link to their shop next to their names and others (like me) don’t.
Can someone please tell me how you set that up? I’ve had a look in my profile but couldn’t see anything obvious.


(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

You do have a shopping trolley next to your name I can see it. :smile:

(Angela R Connah) #3

So can I now, it’s just appeared but wasn’t there about 5 minutes ago…magic!! :smiley:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Yeah :smile:

(Minerva) #5

Now clicking on the name takes you to your shop and trolly shows the link and profile info. Nice one!!

(Helen Smith) #6

If you don’t have a shopping trolley and you should have, I’ve found that logging out of the forum and back in again makes it magically appear :wink:

(Angela R Connah) #7

Ah, that would explain the magic :smile: I did log out thinking that maybe I’m just not seeing it because I’m logged in as me and I don’t get to see a link to my own shop, when I logged in again it appeared…ta da!

(Joy Salt) #8

Helen Thanks very much.
I have my very own trolley now I’ve logged out / in. How terribly exciting and how pleasing that Folksy (@sianfolksy1) have listened to our request for this and made it happen as if by magic. :smiley:

(Margaret Jackson) #9

This is brilliant, makes finding people’s shops so much easier.

(Joy Salt) #10

And - if I right click the link I can open in a new window and keep myself in the forum topic whle also looking at someone’s shop :smile:

(Karen Ellam) #11

I too am loving the shopping trolley link :grinning:

Karen :rainbow:

(Angela R Connah) #12

Such a great feature - well done Folksy team :smiley:

(Natalie Franca) #13

That’s fabulous! Thanks Folksy! :smile:

Natalie x

(Christine E.) #14

I don’t have a shopping trolley next to my previous post. I’m just posting here to see if I have now…

(Christine E.) #15

No, I still don’t. Or can only other people see it?..

(Christine E.) #16

Logged out and in again twice, still no magic…

(Margaret Jackson) #17

Coatimundi, there’s definitely no shopping trolley by your name…

(Myfanwy's Makes) #18

I am just posting to see if my shop has one. I noticed the other day that my other shop had one but this one didn’t.
Rosalind x

(Joy Salt) #19

Are you logging out from the top of this page, i.e. from the forum rather than your Folksy page.
I logged out of the forum once, then hit sign in and it was there.

(Myfanwy's Makes) #20

Coatimundi when I first posted it wasn’t there so I went into profile preferences and where it says name I hadn’t put my shop name correctly when I changed it I had another look and it had appeared. Maybe that is what is wrong with yours.
Rosalind x