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The shopping cart on post is missing

Has anyone else got this problem in post the little blue shopping trolley has disappeared so you can’t click on a shop name in a post and be taken to the person’s shop.

Yes, I have the same problem Eileen :neutral_face:

I was wondering if it was just me but I’ve tried it in IE and firefox

Yes, I’ve just noticed that too Eileen.

That’s odd. Let me have a look and see what’s happened. It’s not something we’ve done (I don’t think!).

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Missing for me too

Missing for me as well

Me too…same here

Is anyone having problems logging in - we’ve had a report through support and I wondered if it could be connected to this problem. Although if you see this message you probably aren’t :grimacing:

Logged out, logged back in without issue but still no shopping cart icon.

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When I logged in this morning I had no other problem just the inability to click on shops in post and be taken through to their shop.

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Yes, like Eileen, no problems other than being able to click through to peoples shops from the forum.

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On facebook Roz @OrchardFelts says she can’t log in @folksycontent

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Thanks everyone.

Just noticed when I couldn’t “Favourite the shop…” above me…

I logged out this morning to see if I could get the cart to reappear and then couldn’t log back in - managed it eventually by randomly logging out of my shop, logging in with my other shop and various other login combinations with my shop and the forum - not sure what I did but as you can see I am now back on and won’t be logging out again anytime soon! Still havent got the trolley icon back though.

The problem is still here no little shopping trolley in posts

Is this being looked at? @dougfolksy, @folksycontent

No shopping cart symbol for me either. :frowning:

Still no sign of the return of the ‘shopping cart’ symbol…
…but I see there is no problem when Folksy wants to issue its monthly account bills!