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(Susannah Ayre) #1

So…currently in a bit of a difficult financial situation at the min. Husband has just gone self employed & hasn’t had any income since 2 weeks before Christmas, so money has become quite tight as I’m sure you can imagine!
So, I decided to count up my 50p money box, just to see how much I had and whether it was worth putting it into the bank- after all, what am I actually collecting it for?
So while I was counting husband pipes up ‘hey, see if you come across one of those Kew Gardens coins. They’re really rare’ now I’m a pretty unlucky person so just replied ‘don’t be daft- I’m never going to come across one of those’
I was wrong!!

Looked on eBay and they’re going for about £25-£30. Pretty good mark-up on a 50p.
I looked on the royal mint website where it says it’s the rarest coin due to the amount made- they reckon in normal circulation only 1 in 300 people will come across one! So quite lucky for once! Maybe my luck is changing!!
The question now is- what do I do with it? Sell it and get about £30? Or keep it for years and see if it’s worth more in the future?
What do you think? Also- get checking your purses!! :blush:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Nice one - keep it for now and spend the rest of money box. I just checked my float of 50ps and I have a WWF and a girlguide one but neither of them make it on to the rare list. Oh well, I’ll keep an eye out in future.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

Ooh, good find!

Keep it - as more and more get into private collections they will become more sought after and go up in price :slight_smile:

(Susannah Ayre) #4

Yeah maybe I will keep it…or at least until the hype dies down and there are less on eBay!
I once found some old coins when I was digging up the garden once- they weren’t really worth much but I researched them and read up when they were from etc. I found the social side of it really interesting.
Maybe my luck is in coins! I’m certainly not financially lucky in any other area! Haha

(Karen Ellam) #5

Ohhhh that’s a great lucky find. :smiley:
I always check my coins regularly to see if there are any nice surprises, but they are very rare and not easy to come by.
Someone told me to check 20p pieces as some were made in error without dates, but I don’t know how many circulated or when it happened. I still check anyway. You never know :wink:


(Jan Ryan) #6

I’m sure I have an undated 20p, I think I threw it into the back of a drawer, I’ll have a search around tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Karen Ellam) #7

This may help :smiley:


(Roz) #8

The undated 20p came to light just as i was cashing up some change. I now have a huge bag of 20p sitting in my cupboard which has been there for the last few years waiting to be checked. It will probably never get it done and I’ve certainly been through a few 20ps since then without checking them! At least Ive got a bag of 20ps for any future emergencies.

Good luck to your husband with his venture into the land of self employment - hope it works out well for him, its a lot of hard graft for very little reward to begin with but worth it in the long run. (although I don’t like the bit where you don’t get paid if you take a holiday!) Have you searched all the nooks and crannies - I must have hundreds lying round the house in little piles, in drawers, in various pots and pockets and down the back of the sofa (not to mention the car) Perhaps I should do a sweep and see if I can go on holiday!

(Ronald Koorm) #9

Well done !
Near The Tower of London, the loos cost 50p, (outrageous), and my partner is always asking me for a 50p coin so she can use the ladies when we go walking near that area. Now I wonder how many of those rare coins you have identified, I may have given her ! ?
Will be more observant next time…

(Susannah Ayre) #10

Haha Thank you!!
He’s getting there! Setting up his own surfboard making business. He’s been making them for a while but just for cost as he loved making them and used it all as a learning opportunity.
But with his PhD nearing and end and him thinking he no longer wants to go into academia, he’s enjoying getting the surfboards off the ground ‘for real’ so to speak!
So if anyone has a surfer in their life and want a handmade board with a difference- he’s at (bit of a plug there!!) hahaha sorry!! But as you can see from my 50p hunt, you can’t live off air alone! Haha

(Liz Dyson) #11

I have a pig with about £50 in 50ps in it - I’d better check them all out. Good luck to you hubby with his new venture. I checked out his website and it looks very labour intensive making boards - fingers crossed for him.

(Susannah Ayre) #12

Oh yes! Get looking! You never know!!

And thank you. Yes, it’s pretty time consuming. He does his slightly differently well- they have a wood vaneer over, so they have a rather different look. The process is a lot less chemical orientated as well as which is nice, considering the garage where they’re made is attached to the house!! Haha