Colour images are B&W when uploaded?


I have just uploaded colour images to two new listings, and once uploaded to Folksy, they change to black & white?

They are jpeg files

Other people have reported this but I’m afraid I don’t know what the solution is. Drop and email so they can investigate and hopefully one of the people previously affected will be along with the answer.
(weirdly one of the listings that is B&W on your shop front is in colour when I view the listing)


It might help to send the original images to support too.
Also double check the images aren’t over the file size limit, and double check they really are jpg.
I think one of the times this came up before the images looked to be jpg, but weren’t being read as jpg for some reason, so copying and saving the image again in a different program sorted it.

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Thank you for your replies, I think you’re right, the files were a different type and I had changed them to jpegs. It obviously didn’t like it.

Thank you for your help

Often phones and other hardware will change photos to heic files (High-Efficiency Image Format:) when you save them. These will upload on Folksy in black and white, but you can change them to jpeg or png

Heic is a type of digital photo storage format that saves images at a higher quality and in smaller-sized files than JPEGs for example. This reduces the amount of space photos take up on memory cards and mobile devices etc :slight_smile: