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Colour changes when uploading photos - help

Help needed!

I have noticed that when I upload photos to Folksy the colours change slightly. They seem to appear somewhat overexposed. I spend quite a lot of time trying to get my photographs to reflect the colour of the item I am listing only to find once uploaded they are not so good. This is particularly apparent with pink or red items.

The photo below shows the problem I am having. The image on the right is my photo as it appears on the computer, the one on the left as it appears once uploaded to Folksy.

I am not sure what I can do to maintain the correct colours - can anyone help?

Any ideas Camilla @folksycontent

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I have the same problem, particularly with red. Also, purples tend to look too blue when uploaded. It is frustrating when you spend ages tweaking them and find they look different when uploaded.

I’ll ask Doug if he knows why that happens and if there’s anything we can do.

Hmm. I’m not sure there’s a quick fix for that, sorry.
My guess is the image processing library we use (which is pretty standard) might be altering the colours as it re-encodes them for different sizes.
Would you be able to post a link to an example of it happening on one of your items, and maybe to provide us with the original image, too?

I put an example in my original post which was taken from a draft listing (don’t really want to list it until I have the colours sorted!) but here is another one that is actually listed which has the same problem.

and the original photo

I do find my photos appear less intense when uploaded to Folksy too. Not sure why I didn’t mention it. And sadly the second photo of Roz’s scarf does look much less attractive than it really is.

Sam x

Hi Roz @OrchardFelts. I’ve had a look at the item you’ve linked to immediately above and too me it looks bright pink, not the more washed out colour you’ve shown in the screen shot. I’ve had a word with my husband, who’s a commercial photographer and specialises in Colour Management and he’s convinced it’s just what you’re seeing - basically your monitor shows a change in colour between the original photo file and the Folksy version that’s not there. We know that because I see the photo in Folksy exactly as you see the original photo - and probably so do many others.

There is some kit you can buy to calibrate your monitor so colour stays ‘true’ BUT be aware - everybody and every monitor sees colour differently and trying to match you photos so that everyone who looks at your products sees the same colour is never going to happen, so think if you want to spend money on a colour calibrater - if you do, let me know I’ll give you some links you can have a look at.

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I think perhaps the issue may have got a bit confused here. The photo I originally posted shows the difference I am seeing. The picture on the right is as far as I can get it pretty close to the real colour - more of a dusky pink than the bright pink that I can see in the picture on the left which is what it looks like when uploaded to Folksy. The second set of pictures are of a brighter scarf (doug wanted an example that was already in my shop) although the “Folksy” picture still looks too bright and overexposed compared to the same photo prior to uploading to Folksy.

Are you saying that others see a less bright image than I am seeing?

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Hi Roz @OrchardFelts - no I’m seeing a bright pink scarf that looks like the colour is really cranked up. Can you let us know how you process the image, what software you use and what monitor/computer/tablet you use and have you changed the computer you’re using?

Apparently it could be something to do with the colour space you’re using that then gets changed in the Folksy photo handling software. Feel free to email/message me privately - we can share any conclusions afterwards if it’ll help others. Just to let you know I’ll be away from my desk for the rest of the afternoon.

As to the second part of you’re message - who knows how others are seeing you’re image, it will vary from person to person, monitor to monitor. You’ll never get images that everyone sees as exactly the same, it’s impossible.

It’s interesting you’ve brought this up Roz as for a long time I’ve been confused as to why my photos appear different to my originals, not just on Folksy but other sites too (I used to find Flickr really made my images unnaturally bright), thought it was just my eyes!

Interestingly I don’t have the same problem on the other side!

Just so I can be sure. Do these two pictures look different on your screen Roz? The colours look the same on mine.

Camilla @folksycontent - they look very different when placed side by side - the “Folksy” one looks very much brighter, the colours seem to “flare” - in the original screen shot (repeated here) the right hand one is a duskier pink which is the colour it should be. It is a quite subtle difference but frustrating as people may think the scarf is brighter than it is.

I can see the difference now Roz. Thanks for clarifying. Colours are so difficult to get right in photos.
Just to let you know, Doug has had a look and there does seem to be a difference that’s not just your screen. He thinks it might be something that happens when images are converted from one file format to another. Was your original image a PNG?

Yes I think it was a PNG.

Ok, so it looks like it’s something to do with that, Roz. When the image is being saved it’s also setting an ‘embedded colour profile’. If you can save it as a jpg and then upload that to Folksy the colours should be the same. Do you want to give it a try and see if that’s better?

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Brilliant - thank you. Much better now. I knew it was worth asking the question :slight_smile: . Folksy comes up trumps again!


HURRAY :tada:

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And thanks very much for providing a live listing and the original image to test!

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