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Contacting Customers

I have a query about a custom order. I have emailed the customer twice and got no reply so far. What would you do next? The emails have not bounced back so I’m assuming it is the correct address. Maybe they don’t check emails as often as I do?? The order was placed on Sunday & I have said unless I hear from them by the end of today I will make the order as I have suggested. Any other ideas?

I have had the same problem on eb*y with some soap that can be made in any fragrance, but I need to know which fragrance they want, I let them know if I don’t hear from them by a certain time I;ll send them in one of my most popular fragrances. I haven’t had any complaints.
Donna x

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It always amazes me that people order and pay for things and then disappear. I had two pet portrait commissions earlier this year, both paid for in advance but despite numerous emails I couldn’t get them to send a photo of their pets for me to work from! They did contact me eventually after about 6 weeks. I wasn’t even able to give them a default option although maybe thats an idea for the future - I could state if I haven’t received photo within a certain time I will send a portrait of a random dog - that might get them moving!


@Rozcraftz - love the random dog idea! @Shropshire Natural Products - it’s great when they’re still happy when you’ve had to decide for them.
My customer has asked for full name personalisation (I have another, more expensive, listing for that) so I’ve suggested either purchase the other listing & I’ll refund the first or I’ll just use forenames. Frustrating.

What you could do is send one more email stating if you’ve not heard from them by a given date and time you’ll refund their monies.

Then when you refund put a not in the paypal refund as there’s a box you can leave a message to customers when you do a refund.


Has the buyer payed for the item?
I have had two ‘sales’ in two day (sunday and monday) by the same person but no payment I have emailed them twice with no reply.

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Hi Sonia : )

I would do what Eileen has suggested. Personally I would not make and send out an order if I am unsure.

Does your listing state that if more wording is needed that you have a different listing for it? It’s very difficult at times, as I have found, that sometimes what I write seems pretty clear to me, but may not be to others.

I have realised that as I am on the computer checking emails loads of times a day with work, I assume that every body else is, which isn’t the case : )

There may also be a possibility that your emails may have gone into their spam folder.

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I would refund. I wouldn’t make something and then find out it’s incorrect as that benefits nobody. It may be your emails are in their spam folder so what Eileen suggested with regards to the note in the refund would be a good way to contact them explaining why.

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Yes, you are all right - there’s no point in me making that decision & end up with it being the wrong one. I have, however, discovered that their paypal email address is a different one so hopefully (all fingers and toes crossed here) I will now get a response. Failing that, I will do a refund but that may take a while to be discovered as well - I would check my paypal account less than my emails if I wasn’t a seller. Thanks everyone!

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Laughing so much here about the “random” idea @Rozcraftz. Don’t forget to get Random Dog to sign his model release form though!

Sonia, I agree with others, I wouldn’t even make a start on something personalised without clear agreement. However I think it is way too soon to be talking refunds - in my experience customers for bespoke items don’t have the same sense of urgency that they might have buying an off-the-shelf product. They know it’s going to take a little while anyway in most cases, and they don’t realise we are champing at the bit to get started on their order.

Clearly not everyone has emails pinging in all the time, I have a customer who said to me “oh, don’t worry, I check my emails every week without fail” (!!)

I’d say, sit tight, you have their money, they will wake up eventually.