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Can't contact a customer - advice please

Am a bit stuck and thought I would canvass opinion of other lovely sellers. Someone has ordered one of my Cushion Kits - 3 days ago now. On the listing it states that customers need to let me know what colours they want their patchwork fabrics to be. This customer didn’t let me know when (s)he was ordering, and in spite of me emailing a couple of times and sending a message via Folksy, I haven’t heard back. What would you do in this situation - I don’t want to cut and send stuff in the wrong colours!

I would send a last message through his/her Folksy account and any email addresses you’ve got (folksy, PayPal etc.) stating that if you don’t hear within 24 hours you will make up the kit using the colours in the main photo of your listing. Many customers don’t read past the first few lines or bother looking at more than the main photo. It could be that they’ve ordered it then gone away for a few days or that your messages aren’t getting through for some reason but that isn’t your problem, also make sure payment has definitely gone through just in case it’s someone trying to scam.

Use their email address attached to their paypal account.

Give them a time frame to hear back for them saying you will refund them if you don’t hear by that date and time. Letting them know they are welcome to re order with the colours they would like.

I would give one last email saying you need further instruction from them by a certain date or you will unable to carry out the order. I would then refund if you don’t receive a reply. They can always order again if they didn’t realise they had to tell you what colours they wanted.

Thanks so much for your help - really really appreciated. I am always very polite and lovely and it seems to work, lol (nearly 3,000 sales on Folksy). Had a sudden inspiration and I think I have tracked her down on Twitter so just sent a quick message to her there… if that doesn’t work will definitely be following your helpful advice - really appreciate you writing the message for me Stevie!
Ali xx

Just popped over to look at your shop after seeing such successful sale figures. Beautiful fabric, torture for me as I really shouldn’t buy any more fabric! However did you realise your shop says you are away at the moment but will be back on2/2/15.

Thank you so much! I hadn’t spotted that. Thanks for your lovely words about my shop too.

Please can you help me, I’ve just had my 1st sale but no payment, it’s been payment pending since 12th May. I can’t see anywhere to contact buyer, how do I do this, it’s a custom made item and I need to find out what sort of fixing she needs.
I’m used to Etsy and can’t find my way round Folksy - I’m lost…:0(

Have you checked your paypal account to check if your customer has paid?

In your dashboard does it show the order for the item if so their email address will be at the top of the order this is how you contact your Seller about their order. Untill you use your customers email address they don’t get your email address.

If your customer is a seller on folksy you can send them a private message via this forums private message system.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
This is what I can’t understand, on the order there’s no address, a message came through to my emails saying I had a sale with the customers address, at the top it says order the name and no gap between the word order and the email address so I took it that it was the email address - it came back as no such address, I’ll try again without the word order - just seemed strange that it reads like an email. I was so chuffed to get my 1st order but it’s still saying waiting for payment, the customer is from USA which is funny as I sell on Etsy and get a lot of customers from over there.
It’s weird there’s no contact customer tab on the order.

I’ve just tried again - hasn’t come back yet so lets hope it’s ok. Thanks for the help, I didn’t realise that they had no way of contacting me. I take it that the 3 days to post is from the time they pay so it won’t go against me?

A potential customer can contact you via the ‘contact designer’ icon on each of your listings. Then the message will be forwarded straight to your email address you registered with Folksy. But until you answer that email the customer doesn’t get your email address.

This means if it’s spam you can just ignore it and the spammer can never get your email address.

Thanks, she’s replied now, I didn’t realise that I had to message first :0)
Thanks for the help.