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(ruththompsonpartridge) #1

Hi all, I’m new to Folksy and I want to duplicate a listing but with different colours. Can this be done, there doesn’t seem to be a copy listing button?


(Emma Rogerson) #2

Go to your listings page. There on the right hand side of each listing is a button for edit and a button for copy. Good Luck!

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(ruththompsonpartridge) #3

Thanks Emma much appreciated.


(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

although it’s not a great idea to copy listings as google doesn’t like duplicate listings and see’s them as spam and will push your items lower down in a google search.

Always best to mix your listings titles and descriptions so they are all slightly different and not a copy and paste job.

hope that helps

(Feelfeltfound) #6

Other thing to consider is that copy listings may miss out on new functionality when it is introduced e.g. I have been copying old listings to avoid having to type in postage costs however I am pretty sure I am missing out on ability to add tag words (this functionality existed when I first opened my shop and then was gone for a long time which was when mosst of my new listing were added and I believe it is now back). Only other thing is to be careful of is attention to detail as it is easy to miss errors copied across or things you meant to update. Copying does speed up listings however. Best wishes.