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Copy and paste between sites?

Hi everyone, I have been listing items on here but I am also going to try to list things on E.

I see at the top of Folksy it says not to copy and paste your listings. For anyone else who sells on both, do you really have to type it all out again?


In case you haven’t picked up on why you don’t copy and paste - if google’s search bots spot duplicate info they assume that its spam so don’t feature the later pages in their results. What I do is copy and paste so that I have all the measurements/ other info and then go to town with my thesaurus and do things like change the order of the sentences (making sure I give it the once over to check that it all still makes sense after I’ve done this).

Ah ok ,brilliant thanks, I guessed there must be some techie reason!

I have started listing on other site, and have just tried t o remember what I said but have worded and order it differently like you said, but maybe copy and paste then changing it all around might be better.


Yes I do rewrite all the listings and change them around a bit… bit of a pain but meant to be better for being found in search x

I have copied a lot of my listings and descriptions, measurements etc into word and sometimes copy and paste from there, as the others have said I change the odd word or so so it’s not exactly the same.