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Could you knit a beanie for a baby in special care?

(Baby Beanies) #1

Hi I have recently set up a small charity - Baby Beanies - knitting and sending beanie hats to premature and poorly babies in special care units throughout the UK.

I have a steadily growing group of volunteers aged from 9-89 and I am looking for more knitters!
If you would like to pledge to ‘Knit a Beanie for a baby’ then please get in touch.

You can see full details of our work at my website
I have 2 Folksy shops - Dewberry where all proceeds from my jewellery go to BB, and Baby Beanies where you can sponsor a beanie for £2 so please do pop over and take a peek!

Thank you
Michelle x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I have a stash of dk baby yarn but no time to knit it up any more (its left over from when I had my leg in plaster so plenty of time). If you have any volunteer knitters in Cambridge I’ll happily cycle it round to them. Looks like 7 x 100g balls in a range of pastel ish shades - might be some part balls as well.

(Baby Beanies) #3

Hi Sasha - Thank you for your kind offer of wool - 7 balls would knit over 50 beanies! :smile:

As yet I don’t have any knitters in your area but I am happy to send you a Paypal payment to cover the cost of postage which will be approx £3.20 for 7 balls. If you are happy to do that just let me know and I will sort the payment out. You can contact me directly at
Many Thanks for your generosity!
Michelle x

(Anita Rose Designs) #4

Not up to knitting beanies but have put your website on twitter asking for knitters. x

(Baby Beanies) #5

Thank you so much! Any promotion is very welcome! xx

(Maureen Laurenson) #6

I would love to knit some little hats for you. I have sent you a message.
This is such a great cause.
Maureen x

(Baby Beanies) #7

Thank you Maureen. I will send you our welcome pack tomorrow am. x

P.s thank you for sponsoring a beanie too! :slight_smile: x

(Baby Beanies) #8

2 more hospitals have come on board today! I have a potential demand of 8,000 beanies required by the units we work with. Any help would be received with heartfelt thanks! :smile: xx