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Knitted breasts request

(Emma Pickett) #1


I’m looking for a kind knitter to make me a stash of knitted breasts. I use them in my work as a lactation consultant and breastfeeding counsellor and to train other volunteers. They may also be re-sold for a breastfeeding charity. There are various patterns around that work well.

I’m looking for around 80-100 breasts in a variety of colours (mainly skin coloured in pinks and browns).

I’m not very knowledgeable about knitting so don’t know how long that would take someone. Would hope to pay around £3-4 for each breast. I’m happy to do a deposit initially to help pay for wool costs.


(Ms Cup Cake) #2

Sounds like a great project! Wonder if I could get my class to help out with this …

(Shirley Woosey) #3

Emma a lady called Denise @lookingglassdesigns makes knitted uteruses so she might be interested in this.
Not sure if she already knits them in another online shop.

This is the link to her Folksy Shop

They are not in the Folksy shop but she sells the knitted uteruses on the Dark Side so she may do knitted breasts as well.

Shirley x

(Denise Hayes) #4

Hi - yes, I do make crochet breasts. I will contact you.

(Emma Pickett) #5

Thanks for the responses everyone and the recommendation, Shirley. Much appreciated. Denise is making them for me.

(Shirley Woosey) #6

I’m so pleased if worked out @EmmaPickett.

Shirley x