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Crackdown over the other side

It seems they are having a bit of a clear out over the other side…


Interesting and about time x


There are still plenty of shops left on there that are selling Disney items, to take just one example. Be interesting to see how far it goes…

about time too…those of us that work hard to make things and spend a lot of time on items will be pleased.

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Good, lets hope it shakes things up a bit.

So long as it doesn’t make them come over here then its about time (although part of me wonders if we are due a similar crack down).


I think we are due a similar crackdown @SashaGarrett. These guys already are here. It is a bit sad that E*sy is “catching up” as they and Folksy should be on the ball with this stuff. It is like an admission that they aren’t, just as something “inspired” by a Disney character is an admission of guilt.

Sam x

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It means Disney has done another sweep and caught a lot of infringements.

I’m sure at some point they’ll discover Folksy and sweep this site and some shops will have their infringing items removed.

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