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Craft fayres and online shop stock advice

(PaulsJewels) #1

So I was just wondering what people do regarding their stock. In that do you all have stock to take to fayres and a separate lot of stock you sell in your shop. We did really well at our last event. over 40 sales, but then it takes ages to edit the online shop to hide sold items.
Do people have seperate stashes of stock? Do they make 2 of each item one for online one for sale in person? All thoughts welcome :smile:

(Helen Smith) #2

I put my shop on holiday for the day and then deactivate anything that has sold before opening it again. Saves the stress!

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #3

I do what Helen does, it’s easier and avoids confusion. :slight_smile:

(Roz) #4

Likewise - everything is in my online shop and then I put it in holiday mode while at craft fair and remove sold items before taking it out of holiday mode again. Can take a while but if thats the price I pay for good sales at a craft fair then I’ll go with it anytime!

(Sasha Garrett) #5

In the run up to christmas I put my shop in holiday mode when I’m at a market and then deactivate the listings as appropriate like the others do. It can be a bit of a faff finding the appropriate listing in the 300 odd that I have but some of my items just couldn’t be replicated and I can’t afford to have 2 lots of stock so that’s the safest way. The rest of the year I don’t bother putting my shop in holiday mode when I’m at a market - online sales are to few and far between - my email is synced to my phone so should something get sold online I get the notification and I can remove it from the stall (but I’ve never had that happen). When I have lots of markets coming up I tend to build up stock levels but not list it online until after the markets as I know my chances of selling it off line are greater than my chances of selling it online.

(Leathermeister) #6

I mostly make in batches so have some in stock or have the ability to remake items that sell so don’t worry about closing my shop when doing a fair, Its really what you find works best for you.

(Julie Maginn) #7

I actually do put all my Folksy stock aside and have separate stock to take to craft fairs. It gives me more peace of mind knowing there can be no chance of selling something and forgetting to take it out of my Folksy shop!

(Christine Shephard) #8

I put my shop in holiday mode when I’m selling at a craft fair, as most of my stock is one-off. At the end of the day I reduce the stock level to zero for items sold, which is quite quick to do in listings, before re-opening my shop. It’s simple and it works for me.

Like Sasha, if I have a craft fair coming up, I don’t list new stock until after the fair, in case it sells there, which saves me having to do all the listings for nothing!

(Diane Burton) #9

I do have some stock that is just for craft fairs, some of the licensed products I use (Beatrix Potter, Flower Fairies and other artists work made into craft CDs) have strict rules about the items made not being sold on the internet or in a B&M shop but are happy for a certain amount being sold at craft fairs. But I do put my shop into holiday mode and add a tag-line to my shop saying I’m at a craft fair and when I expect to re-open, if anything from here sells I just hide it from my listings.

(Emily Clayton) #10

Same here - I also put my shop on holiday. I have tried before to keep the shop open and then when I sell something at the craft market then using my phone I log into Folksy and hide / delete the item immediately after sale, but that gets a little tricky when you have a very busy day at the market - so holiday mode is the best!

(Diane Burton) #11

I’ve never risked that Emily as a few places I’ve been to have poor phone signal and it would be just my luck that I’d be in one of those places and sell the same thing twice :worried:

(Sue Mellem) #12

I used to take some of my Folksy stock to fairs and put my shop in holiday mode.

I do loads of fairs these days and felt that I could be losing sales by having my shop in holiday mode so often, so now I keep my Folksy stock and my craft fair stock completely separate.

I do find I make some Folksy sales while it at fairs that presumably I might have lost if my shop was in holiday mode.

(PaulsJewels) #13

Thanks all for your input. I will do the holiday mode thing also i think. I dont do that many events really anyway. The events seem to be ALL or nothing, so i will have to remove nothing from listings before going active again or loads of it lol.