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CRAFT/MARKET NIGHTS - Has anyone tried these?

Hi - I’ve come across ‘Market/craft fairs’ online usually FB. I’m just wondering if anyone has been brave enough to try one and has any experience of how they work?!
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I’ve done a couple with end of line stock that I won’t be making again. I created an event on facebook, uploaded the pictures and descriptions of the items for customers to browse and then posted the code word on the page at the start of the market night. They work especially well in the run up to Christmas so i’ll do another at the end of October/start of Nov. If you can team up with other crafts people and run a market night together it works even better cause you’ll reach their customers and followers too x


I’ve not done one and I’ve no idea how they even work or how to do one.

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I’ve done them and if you can join one that has really nice things in they can be very good. If well advertised you can also gain lots of interest for your page too. I really enjoy doing them and have had good success so far. Try to look at the album for previous events and it will give you an idea of how successful they have been.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ll try and look into it a bit more x :cat2:

Hi again, _ just wondered if anyone knew the names of any online craft fairs please? I’ve only found one/two on facebook so hoping someone can help please? xx :cat2: