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Hi there!
I hope this topic is okay to create as it’s not Folksy related, but I couldn’t find any forum thread that best suited this subject matter. Basically with most physical craft fairs/markets being put on hold this year especially for the upcoming winter season, I thought we could have a place to share all the online markets/events we’re taking part in :smiley_cat:

This isn’t a recruitment post, and I’m not looking for sellers! :joy_cat:

(Also if this isn’t allowed do let me know so I can delete the thread)

Kind Regards,
Gemma ~

I’ll start, I’m taking part in a winter wonderland christmas online event over on facebook which is happening right now, and would greatly appreciate it if you could check it out! :smiley_cat:

(If this isn’t allowed do let me know so I can delete this thread!)

Here is the link to the event - ~

Funnily enough, in the last few minutes I have signed up for three days on Facebook at the end of this month. I have never done an online selling event before and I am hoping to bring customers here to Folksy to buy rather then selling directly on Fb, so if anyone has any advice for me about that, I’m all ears!

@IdentraCraft, I will check out your event, good luck with it.


Thank you! I’ve made one sale so far on this event, and am attending a few others in the upcoming months :smiley_cat: I just thought it would be nice to have a place to share this kind of thing.

In terms of advice, usually the online events I’ve participated in don’t allow links to different websites for sales and would rather the seller accept paypal or bank transfer payments. Not saying all of them, so you may want to check ~

Oh, I’m glad I thought to ask before I signed up then, but the organiser said no problem. By the sound of it, each seller is going to post their own album with as many photos and links as they like. I’m just doing it for a bit of fun really, I’m so missing going to crafty events this year, it’s nice to be able to put something in my diary at least!

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I’ve attended a few online markets and they all seem to organise theirs in different ways, in my opinion the creating your own album is a better layout than simply posting to a page because I find posts get easily lost with that method. But I do also like the way they combine all the crafters into one big album, you tend to get noticed more just by people scrolling though the photos :smile_cat:

For some reason this event didn’t allow any links just photos, and all customer comments went through the organisers before them notifying you… It was okay, but I much prefer others I’ve taken part in previously that are less strict.

Yes it is nice to have an event to look forward to while physical markets are on hold! I spent some time searching/contacting organisers and have another I think 3-4 booked, it helps to search using different keywords like your area name or somewhere local as you could find some hidden gems :smile_cat: ~

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Im in a few facebook groups where shops can show off their products and then it links back to your shop and one better organised one where ita a weell organised and advertised online market that is normall a proper market every year fustratingly so far nin of them have boosted my sales and im can realy do

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Yeah I paid/have joined 2 or 3 market groups, 2 of them create an album for you which you add your items to as well as allowing you to promote on the main wall (but you do appear on the main awall anyway whenever you add to your album). Thankfully I have had a sale from one of them and I’m pretty sure a few new likers to my art page, I mainly did it to test the water now that everything has had to be moved online :smiley_cat: ~