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Craft shows, what do you think?

(Faye Huxham) #1

Do you find craft shows make a difference? :grinning:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Yes - I sell far more via craft shows/ markets than I do online it also gives me the oppotunity to talk to customers and get commissions because of it. I also make sure that I have plenty of business cards available on the stall and one goes in with every purchase as once people have bought something from me they are more likely to come back. Some drop me an email and buy direct some use my folksy shop.

(Faye Huxham) #3

Yes I was thinking of starting to go to them with my art. I need to get some cards made for my shop.Sometimes though I am overseas on painting trips which makes it a bit awkward!

(Jo Sara) #4

You should do well with your jewellery, that’s an amazing price for that diamond ring in your shop considering the work involved in making it.

(PaulsJewels) #5

It depends on the event we have found. Its finding the right events for you. Some we have been to have been nothing but jewellery items. So as much of our stock is jewellery then competition is really high. Good events have a mixture of different crafts, are in the right place for good passing trade or advertised well if not in central locations.event organisers have a hard job
Generally as long as we cover the cost of the stall and cost of materials to make stock sold then we are happy. Thats because as above the days can be great ways to network and promote your brand for custom orders and find out about events and such.
If your abroad a lot then could you have a family member keep your shop running for listed items to be posted out?
P.S your cards are really nice :slight_smile:

(Grace Knitwear) #6

I’ve only done a few craft fairs before and I know a lot of people do really well on them.

I don’t know if it is because a lot of my products are clothing or maybe it’s because it’s not my target market. But I find it really frustrating at both the fairs I had been to had what i call “china craft”. Basically people that had imported crafty looking things and what was really annoying is they seemed to be doing a lot better than the genuine handmade sellers :confused: .

Same with the “win a car” and random avon style beauty sellers.

Maybe it’s just my bad luck but has anyone else experienced this?

Craft Fairs Yes or No?
(Faye Huxham) #7

Well I try to keep things low because of today’s situation in the U.K. I know its a good price I have several other items of jewellery that I will put on today. It did take a while to make but I also make other things. Faye.

(Faye Huxham) #8

That is true Grace I saw that in Lancashire recently!

(Faye Huxham) #9

Thank you.they do take a lot of time I like to make the have a so called normal job but they keep me flying up and down the world so its a bit frustrating,I went once to visit the spring and autumn fair and I saw how much trouble it takes to set things up there. :blush:

(Faye Huxham) #10

Yes my mum looks after it for me so it can stay open. :smile:

(Rosesworkshop) #11

If you can find the fair with your kind of customer then definitely worthwhile. When I don’t do craft fairs and hand out business cards my online sales drop.

I sold as much in three hours yesterday as I have on Folksy since January. And I didn’t have to do any promotion, the organisers did that using part of the fees.

However, it’s a lot drier in here :smile:

(Faye Huxham) #12

I have the feeling these shops need your own imput I guess its like renting a shop on high street.

(Wanderings) #13

I’ve done a few craft fairs but they only did well around Christmas (and even then it was quite hit and miss) Just moved to London not too long ago and it’s proving difficult to get into a fair- huge waiting lists- so taking the plunge & starting a retail shop in November- exciting! Looking for other artisans to share the space, so if anyone is keen, get in touch :slight_smile: (

(Rosesworkshop) #14

I’ve sold over £300 worth at craft fairs in the last two weeks. My last Folksy order was in April. Same items, same prices.

Three years ago it was the other way around, online was really happening and so-called craft fairs on every street corner and a waste of time.

I intend to keep doing both, and not putting all my eggs in one basket.