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Craft Fairs Yes or No?

(SimplyKidsClothes) #1

Continuing the discussion from Craft shows, what do you think?:

Hi, I know what you mean. I live in Cornwall, and craft fairs and shows, all seem to have loads of bought in stuff, that people sell at quite low prices. A lot of customers don’t seem to appreciate the quality and work that has gone into genuine hand crafted products.
I make children’s clothes, and have been disappointed in the venues I have attended over the last couple of years. So far this year I haven’t done any. I will wait and see if the situation improves at all, just by visiting, but not exhibiting.
I’m not sure what the answer is!!!

(Roz) #2

Apart from a couple of “favourite” venues I try to avoid craft fairs unless it is specified that items must be handmade as the cheap china imports seem to take over the market. I do think clothing is a difficult one though - a lot of people may not buy for fear of it not fitting and not being able to return it. I’m sure that if a customer got in touch with you after the event you may be able to refund or supply another size but people think that once the market is over and you are gone there it no way to contact you, even if there is!

(Lisa Harrison) #3

I haven’t done one for ages. The local organisers are good at only allowing proper handmade and not imports. However, they seem to book too many jewellery makers so I’ve ended up as just yet another jewellery stall.

(Kam) #4

Yeah I know what you mean…I was at fair last month and there was someone selling books on being computer literate?!?
It’s hard with craft fairs to know which ones are worth while doing - I am doing one at the end of this month, so hopefully it’ll be worth my time!

(Amberlilly) #5

I have booked one for Nov, first one this year, only because its dead for selling on line at the moment! Lol!

(Helen Healey) #6

I try to do as many craft fairs as I can as I find I do far better there than online. It’s quite hit and miss though. Some go well and others not so good - even at the same venue, so it’s impossible to predict! Thankfully I’ve never been to one that has had much in the way of cheap imports, so it seems I’ve been lucky in that respect.