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Hi everyone,

I really need to find a large piece of coloured card (A2/A1) for a project I am doing. I want the card to be navy, the darker the better.
I have tried Ebay, Amazon and HobbyCraft but I am either having trouble finding the size I want, or I can only find the card in packs of twenty or more, I only need a couple of sheets.
I have been into my local craft shop and although they have A2 sheets they do not have any navy.
Can anyone help?

King regards,

Hi Pam,
Try Jacksons Art suppliers… i use their Maya card comes in 2 different thickness & lots of colours. Here’s a link… Jacksons the 120gsm is abit thicker then paper where as the 270gsm is alot stiffer. Or if you need very stiff look up their mount card from Daler Rowney.
Hope that helps

Does it matter how thick it is? You might find your local picture framer might have some suitable mount card in that size although it would probably be quite thick and expensive. Do you have an art shop near you rather than a craft shop, I know my local art shop stocks A2 card in various colours - I would offer to look for you but not sure how I would post it to you even if I found it!

Have you tried Fred Aldous?

They always have what I am looking for and at a great price :slight_smile:

Folksy shop owners also get a discount with Fred Aldous. :slight_smile:

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Thank you all very much x

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Got a Range store near you?

Some cute flapper girl buttons …