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Craft trends

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Where do you go for craft trends?
Do you follow them?
I keep thinking shabby chic and the animal/human images that are so popular must fade in fashion one day and what will take over? yet they are still going strong.
Yet Im still curious, what trend will be next?

(Sally Eira) #2

i always wonder about this - is it best to be unique or always try and follow trends?

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Following trends for jewellery and fashion is a bit easier than say home decor as you just have a look at the catwalk collections from London/ Paris/ New York fashion weeks and there will normally be a definate colour palette or pattern style that is featuring regularly. Whether you choose to follow that trend and make items that fit with those trends is more difficult - are your customers likely to be interested in following those fashions or are you visible enough for people who do follow those fashion to accidentally find you? If you get it wrong you could end up with stock you can’t shift. I’d rather make something that speaks to me and of me than something that fits in with a trend, if the two occasionally cross paths its a bonus.
If you want to find out the things that the popular people like then you can always have a look at the popular curators on etsy (find them on the front page) or follow the appropriate interests (eg home decor or fashion) on pinterest and see what new pins it shows when you log in - if you see something regularly popping up over the course of a few months then you know what the next big thing might be.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I’d rather not just follow everyone else how on earth do you stand out if you just follow the crowd