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I’m back and need advice!

Hi All, I’ve been on folksy for a long time now but had my shop in holiday mode for about a year due to illness- anyway I’d like to get myself back into action but everything looks a bit different since I was last on here so can anyone recommend ways to promote themselves in such a busy environment? Also how is the market at the moment?? I feel like I’m starting from scratch- I even need a new website!! Any advice would be welcomed!! Xx

Welcome back Kirsten @KirstinMooreContemporaryJewellery :slight_smile:

I think that we are all struggling to find the perfect way to promote ourselves at the moment. What did you used to do for promotion before?
I’m still ploughing on with FB and directing all my traffic this way. I think some people have found Instagram the way forward.
Some people use British Crafters promotion packs to get their work seen - it includes tweets, FB shout outs and Instagram (I think)

For me personally, the market seems almost the same as it has for the last few years. I have had slightly slower months than usual at the start of the last few years but things always seem to pick up by April/ May.

Good Luck and I look forward to seeing lots more of your lovely work x

Still need to drive your own traffic. Don’t really have any original ideas. I have found Instagram the way forward for me. Also, joining in craft groups on Fb. Though I tend to drive them to my website. That’s probably why yesterday I had zero views here. Good luck.

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Hello & welcome back.

Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly.

I’ve just had a sneaky peek at your shop. Your jewellery is lovely.

I don’t have vast amounts of advice regarding promoting… I find it’s abit like treading water… it gets abit tiring at times, but once in a rhythm things move along nicely.

Take a nice deep breath and take one step at a time.
It won’t take long to get the ball rolling again :blush:

I find making notes and organising myself with a planner really helps as I get distracted really easily.
It makes me feel better if I’m ticking off a list …like I’m really achieving something.

I think my favourite place to promote is Instagram.
My least is Facebook as I feel totally invisible :tornado:

Try joining us on the daily listing challenge here on the forums. We all support one another and help each other to promote.

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