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Promote your item of the week and discuss craft

Hi there,
Promote your item of the week and lets chat craft…

I wanted to start a discussion on craft today and everyones thoughts and feelings on the subject.

A few questions to get started…

Why do you think craft is important? How can we keep traditional skills going in a technology changing digital world? Who are your top crafter/ designer inspirations that you look up to?
How do you feel about the high street shops and their online presence?

Will be great to hear your thoughts!

oops sorry posted in wrong place

Hayley, who are you? I can’t find your shop. Are you doing some sort of market research?


Hi there, I have just joined today, I thought it would be nice to chat about craft as Im very passionate about it.

Also I wanted to get to know some people as I have only just decided to join folksy, I thought what better way to do it than chat to others. I am always interested in others opinions too.

Hi Hayley, I am probably being cynical here but people are going to be wary of chatting if they don’t first know a bit about you and the fact that you don’t have a shop with items in it. You are not coming across as a genuine shop owner and you say you are passionate about craft and yet you have not mentioned any! So answer your own questions first and also tell us what crafts you enjoy doing!