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CraftJuice conundrum!

(Karen Ellam) #1

Hi Folks

It’s been a while since I last used Craftjuice.
I’m ready to give it another try, but for some reason since the website has had abit of a facelift I can’t get my image to copy onto the submit form :0(

I’m using an iPad so I’m wondering if it’s only possible now using a PC, as when I get to the point of using my image the screen prompt is telling me to click the picture I want to use. Nothing happens when I touch the image.

It used to work.
I was wondering if anyone else uses an iPad or tablet of any kind?


(Susan Mochrie) #2

I’m on an iPad today. I was having trouble with the images earlier, it kept showing me a random handbag, not one of my items! It’s working okay now, except it keeps asking me to log in every time I vote or submit, must be bugs!

(Karen Ellam) #3

Thanks Susan @talulahblue

I will give it another whirl later. I hope it works I’m excited to get cracking again :blush:


(Absolutely Clay) #4

Hello, I have just started on Craftjuice and am finding it all a bit wierd. However I did find that when you click on the pictures you need to scroll down to find yours - sometimes quite along way down.

Juliet x

(Julie Maginn) #5

What on earth is Craftjuice?!

(Absolutely Clay) #6

A website that helps you advertise your shop. :slight_smile:
However you need to have so many likes before your published - and I am struggling there! but it’s early days.

(Quillextra) #7

Hi there, I use an iPad and have been getting tuition from 2 really helpful people. I have just about got it. If you go to thread " Craft Juice September 2015 you will see all the help I got.

(Karen Ellam) #8

Hi @Quillextra

Thanks for the message.
I’ve read through the Craft Juice Sept 2015 thread but the problem I’m having isn’t mentioned…
I’ve used Craftjuice before a year or so ago, and it’s changed abit since then and for some reason using my iPad I can’t click on the image to post the pic. So I can’t upload images.
How did you do it with your IPad?? It’s really baffling me now (scratches head)…


(Quillextra) #9

Hi Karen,
All I do is
copy the URL from the item I want to list onto Craft Juice.
paste it into the relevant bar on Craft Juice, tap continue,
Fill in the title, tags, category and edit the description if required.
On the left is an icon to tap to get the image, tap it and a big image appears, it says tap the image to load it. That’s it.
My problem was I couldn’t load the link back onto the forums. Anyway I’ve managed to do it, with lots of help.
Let me know if the above helps.

(Karen Ellam) #10

Thanks again

What web browser do you use? @Quillextra
I’m using Chrome. I’m going to try Safari…

I get to the point where I can see the big photo image, but I tap it and nothing happens. It’s just a dormant page

If I still can’t get it to work by tomorrow I’m going to use my daughters PC.


(Karen Ellam) #11

Yay… Whoop…(throwing air punches) :wink:

I’ve done it. It works using Safari…

Karen :tada:

(Quillextra) #12

Hi Karen,
I use Safari. Good luck.
I’d be interested to know if it works. I was doing something on Google ages ago and I was advised to use Chrome instead and it worked, so you never know.

(Quillextra) #13

WELL DONE I’m soooo glad I could help after all the help I had. Now I’ll go and do some voting.