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Craftjuice, December 2016

Hello? Is there anybody there? :slight_smile:
Listed this…

…and would love a vote or two ( I will, of course, reciprocate :slight_smile: )

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I’m here! Listed and voted for you Christine.

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Good to see you, Pauline! Is it just me, or is anyone else finding it impossible to reach my own, or anyone else’s, history?

Listed this

…and voted for Pauline! Anyone else want to join in?

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Hi guys, I just voted for you both (hopefully I did it correct I think). I just clicked the thumbs up icon , it is correct because I am new to craftjuice and haven’t explored it fully… pls correct me if I am wrong.

Olive creative crafts

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No I couldn’t get onto history earlier @coatimundi

Thank you Ani @olivecreativecrafts your vote is there!

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Thanks for your votes, everyone :slight_smile:


All voted for, have had trouble trying to log into Craftjuice

History seems to be back! I’ve listed a brooch…

Any votes much appreciated :slight_smile:

Ooh, that’s new…

All voted for, but not listing at the moment my last item only got 3 votes and 1 of those was mine.

Thanks for your vote, Lynn. I’ll probably continue listing even though it’s quiet- perhaps items get picked up by Google even without the 5 votes…

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Another Moon-gazing hare from me…

Listed and voting

You’ve put the Folksy listing title instead of the Craftjuice one, Cynthia. I think it should be this…

Ooh, that’s new too…

Hi all, finally been accepted by Craftjuice! :grinning:
Please could someone help me with how the voting bit works please as I read the comments on here but not quite sure what it’s all about on this thread :grimacing: Thanx for any help x

How long did it take to get accepted?
I used to belong to Craftjuice quite a while ago, but can’t remember my login details so re-applied a couple of weeks ago and have heard nothing, I even tweeted them as it states this helps the application go through quicker but nothing came of the tweet either!

Hi Debbs,
I first applied approx 3 weeks ago. I then tried another 2 times and then they said ok. Someone did tell me a while back that there’s not many that run it so it could take a while and to keep trying x

Ahh…Thanks Jo, I will wait a little longer and then try again! x