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Craftjuice not responding

(WillowCottages) #1

I have signed up numerous times but heard nothing now the site isnt working…why is it so hard to get in to this place

(Christine E.) #2

I joined years ago, but I’ve heard it’s not always that easy nowadays. However, from what I read on the “Craftjuice” thread here, people are succeeding getting on it, but you have to keep on at the people who run it. I think there’s a misconception that it’s a large organisation, when in reality I think it’s only one or two people…

(Sue) #3

Yes, I signed up too, more than once and heard nothing back, I simply gave up…

(WillowCottages) #4

Thank you @coatimundi and @SueTrevor its very frustrating but i dont think i will bother now…they arent really bothered about new members then if they dont respond…

(Alison Mackenzie) #5

I had to wait a couple of weeks when I applied in January. As Christine says, they are not a big organisation, probably just one or two people, so it’s possible they are on holiday.
Maybe just send them an e-mail asking if they have received your application?

(Oh Button Me) #6

I applied so many times I got board then one day they replied and I went on there. Got to be honest I haven’t used it for a while.

(Annie Storkey) #7

It took me 3 weeks to get a reply a couple of months ago.

(WillowCottages) #8

Thank you Ladies…i have given up :frowning: my thoughts are it cant be that good…and as you say you dont use it that often…i was just looking for another way to promote myself…Oh well Thank you for taking the time to respond xx

(gabrielhomer) #9

Sorry you feel like that… Craftjuice is only me and I try and review the submissions each week. The spam filters are strong as I have over 2,000 requests a week with some 98% spammers :frowning:

I can only see 3 outstanding folksy shops that I’ll invite now. If you don’t get a invite please try again but keep clear of any spam like words else it’s likely to be filtered out.

If you have any question please just ask and I’ll keep a eye on this thread …


(JollySmall) #10

I applied the day before yesterday (Tuesday) and I’ve just received a positive response!! Can’t wait to get going (hope I can manage it!!). Thanks Craftjuice!! :smiley::smiley:

(JollySmall) #11

I’ve just managed to add a profile picture (not of me!) and added a few details and a first post but not really sure what I ought to be doing. Could anyone point me in the direction of some instructions, please??

(WillowCottages) #12

Lucky you…you must have something i havent :frowning: got fed up in the end :confused: