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Craftspeople needed for a new BBC CBeebies programme

Hi everyone, I spotted this and thought I’d post it on the forum in case anyone is interested.

Natalie x

Craftspeople needed for a new CBeebies programme teaching children about traditional crafts


Can I share this on our social pages, Natalie?

Hi Camilla, of course of you can :grinning:

Natalie xx

Thanks Nat. I just spoken to them and they said they only have a couple of spots left. Sounds like they’ve been pretty inundated with applications from Cbeebies-loving crafters!

So if anyone wants to follow in the footsteps of Tom Hardy, get in touch with them quickly! The email is

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I’d just like to follow Tom Hardy to be honest :wink::heart_eyes:

If I ever hear of any others @folksycontent I’ll give you the heads up