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Opinions Needed

(Kate Turner) #1

I sell my childrens cushions on here without a book.
When at fairs or farmers markets I sell at a slightly higher price - just under £2 more and provide a childs story book.
Do you think I should sell them on here with a book, but I am unable to keep too many books aside for folksy clients as the cushions I sell at fairs the customer chooses from my selection.
what do you think of me saying, books may differ from the one shown in the photograph.

The cushions are normally £10.95 but when I provide a book they are £12.75.

honest opinions before I retake photos



(Deborah Jones) #2

It sounds like it may be simpler to sell online without the book if you can’t show the actual item the customer will receive.
Unless you had a picture of all the book options and said one will be included at random. That may work.
Are the books stories you have writen to go with the pictures on the fabrics? Not sure you could sell someone elses books here in the handmade category.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Why do you think you need to provide a book with the cushion? Am I correct in thinking that the cushions with book sell well at fairs but don’t sell well here minus the book so you are thinking that if you add the book you will emulate the sales at fairs? Could it be that at fairs you don’t have to charge postage so the cushion/ pad/ book deal comes in at £12.75 (which seems like a good deal to me) but on here the cushion/ pad combo is £14.95 once you add in the P&P. Given that the cushions take a standard size pad (I’m assuming that) is it worth offering it as a cover only option so you can drop the price and P&P? Also I think you could work on your titles and tags so that you are found in searches better - all your cushions seem to be titled children’s cushion. The first cushion in your shop has fish on it - when I searched for fish cushion yours didn’t show up in the search results so if someone is looking for cushions to fit in a theme for a kids bedroom eg fish/ dinosaurs/ farm yard/ fairy tale are your items going to be returned in the search results? I also ran searches for kids cushions and childs cushions and again yours didn’t get returned - you’ve got 15 tags to play with so you can have kids cushion/ childs cushion/ childrens cushion as well as any colours and themes as appropriate. (It is a pain adding all the tags, I’m still working through my listings, but it is worth it).
Sorry if this is all a bit blunt but I think rather than changing your products you should try changing your titles and tags first.
Hopefully I haven’t offended and this is in some way useful.

(Kate Turner) #4

Thanks ladies
SashaGarrett thank you for your comments, i did send thanks via e.mail. I have printed off your comments and today I am going to look through all the cushions and pull out every piece of information that I can and tag it.
thank you for your input as well.


(Kate Turner) #5


Thank you so much I have just done two and following your advice they come up in boats and stars.
long day ahead for me but in the right direction


(Sasha Garrett) #6

I know sometimes I get ‘taggers block’ where I just can’t think of anything to put - if you find yourself in that position pop a link to it on this thread and I’ll see if I can come up with some suggestions, different perspective on the products and all that.

(Kate Turner) #7

Thanks Sasha.
I have spent mkost of the daygoing through all the pillows and bibs and pulling out every aspect that I could.
I did a quick search on some items and they came up so hopefully now I am in tag it mode I will not forget

Thanks again