Folksy Ltd

Customers registering with incorrect email addresses

(Joy Salt) #1

I’ve had yet another set of order emails from Folksy where the customer’s email address has been wrongly entered.
This means they will not have received the email from Folksy about their purchase (including the link to allow them to pay if they haven’t done so yet).

I found out because I acknowledged the order using the Folksy email not the Paypal one and my email system refused to send as the .com was missing from the Hotmail.
Fortunately the address on Paypal was of course correct so I changed it.

This could be the cause of unresponded to emails which some sellers mention - though my email system rejected this one as obviously wrong format there have been others which were just wrongly spelt.

Should Folksy be doing some basic email address checks - eg. Hotmail should always have a suffix ?

Joy :joy: