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Incorrect Paypal address

Hi - I’m sooo mad with myself as I changed my email address and didn’t update on folksy but did on paypal. I had an email from folksy informing me that someone tried to purchase something and couldn’t so to check my paypal address. So, my question is - now that I have corrected the address will folksy notify the potential customer that the problem has been solved?
I’m gutted to have lost a sale as I haven’t been active here lately but started to promote on Instagram then this happened. Sorry got a bit long-winded that!! :cat:

Catherine x

Warning - I am very far from being an expert on this sort of thing, but … when a couple of people have had trouble paying for my things, I was able to see the sale but it was marked ‘Awaiting Payment.’ I’m sure you’ve checked, but didn’t you have similar or an email in which case you could contact the customer to explain that all is well now.
Secondly, I imagine Folksy knew of the problem because the customer reported it which means they are probably keen to make the purchase. You could always message Folksy to ask idf there’s a way to tell the customer that the problem has been sorted out (which they may have done anyway.)

Hope you get a more helpful response!!!

Thanks for your reply. I think I’ll email folksy and see what they think.

Thanks again,

Catherine x

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I would simply contact the customer not wait for Folksy.

thanks Eileen I would be there is no sign of an order! x