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Paypal email problems?

Hi , I have had to issue invoices to customers in the last 10 - 12 days , due to a check out problem here on Folksy . Buyers are contacting me via FB . Apparently there is a problem with my Paypal email address ! I spoke to Paypal & they can’t see a problem with my email address . ( I have also contacted Folksy support about this ). I do not have any problems on the other 'site ’ , and I have been using my Paypal for purchasing items …no problem . Maybe the problem started when they did some upgrading a couple of weeks ago ??
Please contact me if you need anything from my shop , I will be happy to send you an invoice !

Thank you Folksy support , for fixing my Paypal email address ! Shop is now up and running again , if anybody would like to have a go :slight_smile: x

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