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Daily Art Thread Saturday 5th April

(Trevor Harvey) #1

The place to show and talk about our art.

(Trevor Harvey) #2

Good morning all, I’ve recently had an update to my art programme that’s allowed me to get even closer to producing what my heart wants to see - here’s a few examples of what’s completed, be grateful of any thoughts on these:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

They are all very beautiful Trevor. I like what you’ve done with those.

I really like the landscape in glass that Joy posted at the end of yesterday"s thread. So pretty!

(Joy Salt) #4

Trevor They’re beautiful.

(Joy Salt) #5

Thanks Margaret. xx

(Stephanie Guy) #6

Trevor I like the softness but they’re a little too flat colourwise for me, I would prefer to see more intensity of colour in the foreground and more contrast between your lights and darks. But that’s just me - art is very subjective and these may turn out to be your best sellers yet!

(Stephanie Guy) #7

Here’s one of mine from last summer.

I was perched on the rocks at Godrevy point in Cornwall, with the tide coming in, while I painted this one.

(Margaret Jackson) #8

That’s a gorgeously restful scene Stephie, I really like it.

(Stephanie Guy) #9

Thanks Margaret, it was a very restful evening when I painted it - no wind, just a lovely sunset and calm lapping ripples all around.

(Trevor Harvey) #10

Thanks everyone for you comments, much appreciated :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #11

I have 2 ‘entries’ for this art thread today. I’ve been rather busy, possible when Bob decides to go to the football match leaving me to play with my glass as long as I fancy.
(He came home disappointed -Stoke lost to Chelsea 3 0 :wink: )

First is my Cornish Cove landscape

Second is my Lake District landscape

Got my ‘River’ landcape to make next - then I think I will see what else I can ‘paint’. Suggestions most welcome.

(Trevor Harvey) #12

Lovely work Joy.

(Stephanie Guy) #13

They are gorgeous Joy, I really like the Cornish Cove, the textures on the glass are amazing.

(Joy Salt) #14

/Thanks Stephanie and also Trevor @Century21Art . It’s nice sometimes to make something a bit more challenging than a butterfly or daisy.

(Margaret Jackson) #15

Joy those are stunning! My favourite is the Lake District one but both are brilliant.