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Daily Art Thread Sunday 6th April

(Margaret Jackson) #1

This is my chance to try creating a new topic which I’ve not done before on here!

I framed my psychedelic sheep in a frame bought for £1 yesterday in Marple. I think it suits it, though the setting on my wheelie bin isn’t the best! lol

Psychedlic sheep framed!

I’ve called him the psychedelic sheep after my boss asked if I’d taken LSD before painting him!

(Trevor Harvey) #2

Looks really good Margaret, well done!

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Thanks Trevor, I was so pleased to get such a cheap and suitable frame. I had to trim the sheep down a little to fit but it was worth it:)

(Trevor Harvey) #4

It was indeed! I reckon you’d have no trouble finding a buyer if you wanted to sell it!

(Margaret Jackson) #5

No chance, none of my art work is for sale, but it’s nice that you think someone would buy it if I wanted to sell :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #6

Margaret he is wonderful! Looks great in his frame, the colour really suits him. And it’s another chance for me to see two of the new colours I’ll be ordering too, Ithink you used Opera rose and indigo in that one didn’t you?

Morning Trevor :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #7

He’s lovely. I wonder if you should add Urban to the title to suit the wheelie bin setting.

Don’t tell but I have been known to take photos of things on my loo seat (it’s new and very bright white and shiny)

(Margaret Jackson) #8

Yes Stephie, I did use indigo and opera rose on that one and I love the combination!:slight_smile: Glad you like him framed. It’s a painting I like and also a happy memory of those workshops I enjoyed so much so thought I’d like him on display :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #9

That’s a good idea Joy, Urban Psychedelic Sheep it is!lol

(Trevor Harvey) #10

Sorry, wasn’t ignoring you Stephie, went off line just after I posted and not long been back indoors - afternoon to you

(Stephanie Guy) #11

sulks in corner :wink:

(Hazel Rayfield) #12

Just a very quick hello, just back from a lovely weekend away but wanted to say your painting looks amazing Margaret the frame really is perfect :slight_smile:

Catch up with you all tomorrow - need to make tea and have a relax now - finish off the weekend :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #13

Thanks Hazel, glad you had a good weekend :smile: