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Daily Art Thread Monday 7th April

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

This is the place to show and chat about all things Art and ACEO

(Hazel Rayfield) #2

Hello everyone, I will start us off today with some Poppies …

This is a postcard size Poppy picture painted in Encaustic hot wax, it has a lovely sheen, and texturefrom the wax, it is hard backed so will free stand or can be mounted and framed … looks great on a mini easel though, like an artwork but an ornament too …

(Trevor Harvey) #3

Good morning, nice poppy Hazel… I’ve now listed my picture I previewed last week, listed as A4 but also available in smaller sizes:

Right, things to do, just time for a quick read around the forum and I’ll be away!

(Stephanie Guy) #4

Good morning :slight_smile: I won’t be around much over the next week – hubs is off work and has a habit of hogging the pc.

Pretty poppies Hazel, Glad you had a good weekend – I guessed you were away, not like you to be so silent lol. Looking forward to seeing your newly inspired paintings.

Trevor seeing them in a frame really does make a difference! That one is lovely.

I’ve just listed this miniature daisy painting. I’ve taken the photo against some new blinds we had fitted in the bay window – it’s too dark to get decent photos elsewhere this morning.

(Stephanie Guy) #5

Whoop whoop whoop! !!! I’ve just won the new dessert collection paints from w&n!!! Can’t believe how happy it has made me, I’m dancing round the house! Hubs said God help us if you ever win the premium bonds. …

(Jan Ryan) #6

Good morning all, nothing to show you at the moment, I’ve been doing lots of painting over the last week or so but I haven’t taken any photo’s yet. I’m going to try and get some done over the next couple of days but at the moment I’m just finishing off an order for 6 Fairy Doors.
Well done on your win Steph :smile: Trevor, your picture looks lovely framed, I love the colours. I’m loving your poppies Hazel, I like the postcard size too.

Jan x

(Hazel Rayfield) #7

Yes it was lovely, thank you Stephie and I will be painting, but not to day it seems, lots of work for me to do …

Love your miniature daisy, very pretty and fresh, there were some original miniatures at the miniature fair we went to on Saturday, very nice, very detailed and very expensive !!!

(Hazel Rayfield) #8

Thanks Jan, my postcard size pieces have been very popular of late, which is great :slight_smile: look forward to seeing your new paintings :smile:

(Sian ) #9

Does anyone mind too much if I merge the daily art threads together and make it a monthly thread for the time being? Starting a new thread each day is just making the Showcase category a bit difficult to navigate.

(Hazel Rayfield) #10

When we are in the old forum there are a lot more of us chatting so it’s needs to be daily or it would be way too long to keep up and chat …

When will we be all merging and everyone using the new forum?

(Sian ) #11

It looks like there are usually around 20-30 posts per day in the art threads on the old forum.

Discourse always shows you your unread posts, and drops you into the thread at the last place you read, so it should be easier to keep up with longer threads. I’d suggest we try it monthly for now and review it if it gets unwieldy after everyone is in here.

We’re hoping to let a few more people in this week, and have everyone by around the end of April.

(Hazel Rayfield) #12

Be good to get more people here soon :slight_smile:

I understand what you are saying but I personally like the daily part of the art chat … It’s all about that day then … What do others think ?

(Margaret Jackson) #13

I much prefer a daily thread too. It works fine on the old forum. A monthly one would get terribly long!

(Margaret Jackson) #14

I just tested it and on my phone I don’t get taken to the latest post on a thread but have to scroll to the end.

(Hazel Rayfield) #15

Good point Margaret I use my phone to check in too, more than I use to in fact, so needs to be easy on the phone as the PC for me :slight_smile:

(Sian ) #16

If you go in from the speech logo (notifications) at the top right of the page, it takes you to the new comments

(Sian ) #17

Also if you want to scroll straight to the bottom, you can use the green arrows (bottom right)

(Hazel Rayfield) #18

Yes I see what you mean about the green arrows :slight_smile:

I would still prefer it to be a daily thread, it’s an art chat about that day not an on going show case, I feel and in fact it often has more chat than art pictures posting :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #19

I’m fairly ambivalent about whether we stay daily or move to weekly providing that regulars can jump to the bit they last read on both mobile and pc. I don’t think monthly would work, it’d be too long and scary for new people to join in with. There are some threads over on Etsy that are WAY too long, it just encourages people to jump to the last page, post and run. And we really don’t want that on here.

[Stephanie Guy Fine Art][1]

(Margaret Jackson) #20

I see what you mean about finding new posts Sian, I’m still learning how to use this new forum.

Certainly weekly would be preferable to monthly, a monthly thtead would be quite unwieldy I think.