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Weekly Art Chat thread W/C 17th August

Morning all! Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Here’s this week’s chat thread all ready to be filled with amazing art! :smile:

Morning Margaret…hope you and everyone had a great weekend.
I just listed a stormy skies landscape in my shop.

I just went to look at it Brenda, very stormy skies, bit like last Friday! :smile:

Morning :slight_smile: Sunshine here today but the dog has gone home and I’m really missing him :’(

Here’s my Derwentwater painting, listed now

Love the colours in that landscape Stephie! :smile:

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the skies were done from memory Margaret…lol
waving Stephie…
we dog sat two weeks ago…loved it but hard work…
Did you all read about the cost Royal Mail want to post me 100 10p stamps?
£6.15…how can they justify that amount?..Tesco bring me trays and trays of heavy shopping for £3 !! (lol)
I wouldn’t mind if you could get the stamps at the post office but every time I ask they say that they don’t have any or might have 2 or 3. (I use them to add to first or second class stamps to make up the fee to send to the US). It saves me having to drive to town to post paintings, as I can just stick them in the local post box. SO…I just bought 500 x 10p stamps to get post free…scandalous ! (At least I can use them up on Christmas cards if necessary…sigh…
Time to paint…
I have some new Frank Clarke goat hair brushes that arrived today…all I need now is inspiration.

Thank you Margaret :blush:

That is outrageous Brenda. When I was a teenager I used to think it was hilariously funny to fill an envelope with 1p stamps to make up the postage :slight_smile:

Hello everyone

Just a quick pop in from me, your painting is lovely Stephie, I like the subject on the rustic paper - very nice.

I have been having a busy time, but I’ve been painting today - miniatures and I have lots more planned as I’m hoping to start doing some dolls house fairs again from Next month and need to refresh my stock.

These are some mini flowers triptych style I did today.


Waving all! :smile:
Hope you enjoy using your new brushes, Brenda. It’s great when new art materials arrive. I haven’t used goat hair brushes - do they hold the paint and water well?
Wonderful view, Stephie - the Lake District is so inspirational!
I like the striking triptych, Hazel, and the teal-green colour.
Hope you had a relaxing weekend, Margaret.
I’ve just listed a ‘Buttons’ ACEO! :smile:

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good afternoon everyone, waving hi :wave:. Your sewing is looking marvelous Margaret, looking forward to seeing it progress. Love the stormy sky Brenda saw it on the daily thread and well done on sales too. I have had sales but my large A4 books on that auction site, today it was the little blue tit book ;). The stamp proces are outragious, I wonder if they are treating them as if sending cash and use special delivery with insurance?

Lovely seascape Stephie, I ended up takin glots of pics as it was raining monstly in Cornwall so will have to paint from pics, gorgeous place though but very busy!

that’s a fabulous colour Hazel, great poppies

Oh my Pat love those buttons! my next favourite thing to paint :smile:

I just listed this one, originally painted for the exhibition so it’s already framed

got me some new crafty bits so off to watch some u-tube vids to see how to use them :slight_smile:


Super triptych Hazel, love the colour you’ve used.

Pam, that’s a brilliant idea for a fun ACEO, very pretty too

Thanks Max for the sewing love, it’s grown already since I posted that pic! :smile: Fab owl painting and the frame is gorgeous, good luck with the exhibition!

Yes the new brushes are renowned for holding lots of paint and water…that is why I got them…brilliant for doing nice skies.
Max…why the Post office want to charge themselves for insurance etc??

I think the Post Office and Royal Mail are separate companies Brenda.

Love that owl Max, he looks spectacularly cross with someone! Shame about the rain in Cornwall…you’ll just have to go agains sometime soon :slight_smile:

Fab buttons Pam, I used to love my mum’s button tin when I was small, it was a big treat to be allowed to sort through them to find buttons for her latest knitting or sewing project.

Hazel I love your triptychs, I especially like them turned into screens - that was an inspirational move.

Margaret have I missed a post about your sewing? Off to read the end of last week’s thread in case it’s there…

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The tiger is looking fab Margaret :smile:

Jane @Design4artJane I love your lime leaf abstract, the colours and composition really appeal to me.


afternoon all, sadly didn’t sell any art this time around at the exhibition Margaret but I did sell jewellery so that was good! I think Steph is right Brenda they are now two separate companies and following the share sale and the drop in share prices they are probably charging like a wounded bull for everything to make up for the profit losses!

I just sold 2 ACEO on here, lovely surprise!


Congratulations on the jewellery sales and on the ACEO sales on here today, Max.
Your owl is amazing! :slight_smile:

Those of you on facebook, have you seen this building by Jeff Smith? It’s truly awesome

it is still an outrageous charge for posting a small package…I will weigh them when they come just out of curiosity…

Thank you all for the poppy love :slight_smile:

I paint the panels specially as screens or triptychs. The screens need to reflect the scale more as they are furniture where as the art can be relative in small scale.

Great Owl Max. I really like him.

The buttons are great fun Pam :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing more up dates on the sewing Margaret.

Thanks for the comment on my Zentangle style drawings on FB Brenda. I’d like to see yours too :slight_smile:

Yes I saw that, it’s very impressive! I went to Cragside many years ago and it really is that beautiful :slight_smile: