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Monthly Art Chat - February 2016

Welcome to the art chat thread, the place to show and chat about all things art related, everyone is welcome artist or not, please do just jump right in and feel free to show your art works too :slightly_smiling:


Good morning waving hi to everyone :wave:, lovely to see you Hazel @flamehairedjewellerydesigns. It was lovely over the weekend to finally get my inks out and do some serious painting, it’s been far too long. Thank you for the well wishes for the exhibition off up to hang them this morning then out for lunch with an artist friend which I’m really looking forward to :slight_smile:

I have actually got some new ACEO’s to show hurrah!


Good morning and Happy February to all! Lovely painting of snowdrops; makes me feel that Spring is just around the corner! Been having fun with gold leaf at the moment…will be vacuuming it up for weeks to come, you only have to breathe and it flutters off the plastic slide! Does this mean my house is worth more with all the specks on the furniture?


Hi everyone, happy February!

Love your little snowdrop aceo Maxine, I’ve never used gold leaf @TwibellArts and yes, it must be worth more :slightly_smiling:

This is my submission for this years Twitter Art Exhibit in New York, there’s still a little time left to submit.


Good morning all and a happy February. loving the snowdrops Maxine, I recently sold the last of my last series of snowdrops, they really are a popular flower, I love the effect of the inks :slight_smile:
Oooo it’s been many years since I’ve used Gold Leaf, have fun :slight_smile:
Loving the tree Tina, good luck in the exhibition x
Hopefully I’ll have something to show this month, I’ve been busy painting my wooden houses and peg dolls but hope to do some canvases etc to ‘replenish’ my stock :slight_smile:

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Morning all :slightly_smiling:

Love the snowdrops @paperchainsandbeads, and that tree is so lovely @DaisyWings, what size is it? (The painting, not the tree lol!)

I’m considering whether or not to keep my second shop on here, which is for all my non-animal themed art. I do make sales, but not many as I have little time to promote the shop, and even less time to make new stock for it…but I do like having somewhere to sell my ‘other’ work, and I want to keep my main shops here and elsewhere for my animal themed work. Decisions, decisions!

Here’s one from Dandelion’s Miniature Gallery - I guess I can always add little bunnies to this kind of painting to make them work in my main shop :slightly_smiling:


Beautiful. And topical too

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Love it. And such detail for something small

Hello Everyone, love all the work shown. Have replied to you all individually, which I can see is not correct, but can’t figure out any other way to do it. Doh!
Anyway, just wanted to show you one of my recent artworks which is entirely made from stuff gleaned from the bins of London.


You can reply individually or you can put the @ sign in and it shows a list of people who have posted and just click on their name @AlisonSye
doing it the 2nd way means you can mention more than one person in a post :slight_smile:


Hello everyone.
Thanks Hazel for your nice comment in the previous thread. :slightly_smiling:

Very nice ACEO Maxine :slightly_smiling:
Love your painting Daisy, gorgeous, I could see it in a story book. :slightly_smiling:
Sara, perhaps you could just add a new collection to your new shop? Maybe your non animal pieces will go down well with your audience- and if this shop is already established, more people will see your other paintings. :slightly_smiling:
Nice college style piece Alison, very nice. I love the use of the ephemera in work :slightly_smiling:

Here’s a new piece from me.


thank you x

Hi Sara, Thank you, the painting is postcard size, 16 x 12cm. Love your little minature painting, love sunsets & trees. :0

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Lowri, the one on the right looks like me after too much chocolate :smile:

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that made me smile :smiley:

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Hello everyone! Nice to see the thread buzzing today :slight_smile:

Love those snowdrops Max. It’s definitely warmer today although I nearly got blown off my feet in Liverpool this morning.

Tina I haven’t heard about the Twitter exhibit - do you send the originals off or is it an electronic exhibition? Is it curated? Good luck, it’s a beautiful painting.

Sara I’d do as Lowri suggests and have a non-animal collection.

Alison I really like your patchwork - it’s refreshingly different.

Lowri your poor girls look like they had a VERY good night and are wondering if it was such a good idea after all! Love them.

It’s now a year since I started writing tutorials for the Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine, and as agreed with them I can now start publishing the articles on my blog (I made sure that I kept the copyright)

Here’s the first one, Van Gogh’s sunflowers


Thanks Steph ^^ Yes, they look quite…regretful, don’t they?:slightly_smiling:
Love your minature, it’s so great that you get to write tutorials for a magazine, and even better now that you get to share them on your blog too. The Van Gough is lovely. :slightly_smiling:

New piece I created tonight:
Grumpy Rabbit girls


Love the Van Gogh’s Sunflower’s Stephanie.

You send original paintings (must be postcard size 12 x 16) all submissions have to arrive in New York by March 13th, if I remember correctly. Anyone wanting to find out about the Exhibition just tweet @TwitterArtExhibit.

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Love the grumpy rabbit girls! :slight_smile:

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Good morning, flying visit I’m afraid have to go to work today. Fabulous work everyone, I have loved individually :heart:. That sounds interesting Tina @DaisyWings. Your blog is fab Stephie @StephanieGuy.

back later to join in but for now this one is listed