Daily Art Thread Tuesday 1st April ...... not an April fool just lots of pretty art to see

This is lovely. Until I moved to the coast a couple of years ago I’d have thought you were being imaginative with your colours, but I now know that the sea and sky really do come in an amazing variety of hues!

Can I ask what encaustic means? I’ve seen it often, I’ve googled, but I really don’t “get” it. don’t go into trade secret details of course!

Good morning all, I like how easy it is to post a listing on here, so to celebrate, here’s one of my favourites:


Though I must admit it comes without the frame!

Hi Heather

I do use a bit of my imagination in the sunsets, my style is a bit impressionist too :smile:

Encaustic actually means to “burn in” from the Greek translation …

But when used here as Encaustic Art, it means this is painted in a special wax (encaustic) paint … I use heat tools to heat up the wax and paint it on with hot irons and stylus tools … it is amazing to work with, the sheen when I have finished a piece and polished it is wonderful. They can be, but don’t need to be framed, I sell a lot of small ones postcard size especially which sit on a mini easel, I sell them either hard backed or mounted so they have structure as the wax has a great texture in some of my pieces too …

I have some online videos of me painting if you would like to see how I do it … http://www.artinwax.co.uk/encaustic-art-demonstrations.php

I’m working on one of these today

@SianFolksy that was an attempt to do a clickable picture with the same code as before…didn’t work very well as you can see the code - should I do something different?

Looks like you’ve just got an extra bit of code underneath the first image? But there’s an easier way to post clickable images now :smile:

I’m glad you asked, I was wondering about that yesterday!

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I hope my explanation above explains Encaustic OK :smile:


Posting something from my other shop and testing the clickable link…

Well that seems to have worked nicely, thanks @SianFolksy and Discourse! :smile:

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OK this is one of my Encaustic Art postcard size … I am trying out the image with a link, hope it works :slight_smile:


Helen that is lovely :slight_smile:

Thank you Hazel! This is from my new proper grown up shop :wink:

And now I must be away down to my shed to make more things to put in it, but I will check back in at lunchtime to see what’s going on.

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Just experimenting with this direct link posting thingy…

Ah, good stuff, that actually works well, and is a lot easier than the old forum…

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I am liking this new forum, I have just had a sale as a direct result of posting here today :smile:


Congrats Hazel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Practising clickable links…

excellent explanation, thank you. I tried to reply earlier but got locked out again, I’m back now! Thoroughly recommend watching Hazel’s videos, it’s fascinating - and I can’t wait to receive my purchase!!

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guilty as charged! I’m usually very restrained in my purchasing, but your video about the process was so enticing.

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Thank you Heather, Art In Wax as I call it, is great fun to do, my films have had over 50,000 views on YouTube … We plan to do more in the Summer, I hope you like your painting it is in the post first class you should get it tomorrow hopefully … The most common comment I get is how much better they look in real life, I do my best with photos but the wax really shines !!! for real … if you pardon the pun :wink:

Just got back from the post box to find another order … April’s starting well, a sunset this time from my own website :slight_smile:

Wow, well done Hazel!