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Daily stats

My shop stats have not given any results since Wednesday is anyone else having trouble


Mine haven’t updated since wednesday either.

Oh well spotted Pauline @Fredas I had just presumed everyone was on holiday, and nobody had visited my shop!!!
That’s cheered me up!
Suzzie x

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I’ve just checked mine now as I’ve been busy the last few days and I see that’s the same for mine so there’s obviously a glitch somewhere.

Mine are the same. Thought no one was looking.

Same here we need to alert admin they’ll fix it.

Mine is the same too,stuck on the 17th

Maybe Folksy staff have all gone on a well-earned holiday. (They wish!!)

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And me! I hadn’t checked the date I was just so depressed by the great big zero two days in a row!!!

My shops stats are behind in date too.
Maybe admin is on holiday :slight_smile:

My stats say that I have had zero views on 18th, 19th & 20th August 16

Ditto to most of the above but nothing unusual there. I don’t do social media, tweeting etc so maybe that makes a huge difference to my shop stats. Are there any successful sellers on Folksy who don’t do Social Media?

I thought it was just me as I’ve not been around for a while x

The system does not seem to be announcing sales . I sold an item and only got a notification from PayPal - no sign of the two usual messages from Folksr.

Whew - that makes me feel better - thought it was only me that was having no viewers

Since the roll out of the express checkout we’ve only been getting 1 email from Folksy but that doesn’t explain why you haven’t got that one. Email support about it - I know others have had issues with servers not letting emails through.

I have had a sale today and got my email from Folksy. We only get one email from them now, when the customer has paid.

I had a sale yesterday and I also got my Folksy e-mail, the same as @KBCreations, so I think you should probably contact support about it as it’s clearly not related to the daily stats issue.

Just checked my stats, and they have been updated to midnight last night, so that seems to have been fixed.

Just a pity about the zero missing off the end of the small number of people who visited my shop!! I live in hope!
Suzzie x

I did try facebook, but I didn’t like it much, mainly because I couldn’t get my head around it. Glad I’m among non-social media friends. I’ve sold 100 items, but it’s taken me 3 years to accomplish that, but I don’t list new items very often at the moment.
I therefore don’t expect many or any views on my stats.I