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Did anyone have a good December?

Hi folks,
Just wanted to find out if anyone made good sales in the lead up to Christmas (Nov/Dec). My sales were pretty dire, and I wanted to here if anyone had a good run before I decide whether to admit defeat and shut my shop for good. I was a Folksy plus seller, but just don’t think I can justify the cost if 2018 is going to be the same. Any thoughts? How are other people feeling?

I had a pretty good Nov/ December here sales wise. I haven’t compared exact stats from last year but I think they are roughly the same.
I think across the board from outlets and other online sales I have done roughly the same as well.
Some fairs were a lot worse this year than last and some were better.
It’s all been a bit swings and roundabouts!

I do direct all of my FB traffic in this direction though - so that does reflect how well I do here compared with my attempts at cracking the dark side!

I know a lot of people have seen quite a massive downturn in sales on here over the last couple of years, so I can’t really advise if you should shut your shop but I always think to myself that the price of the plus account is only the equivalent of a few months (or weeks in some cases) of renting shelf space in an actual shop. If you are still going to be creating, it’s nice to have an online shop to showcase all of your work in one place.

Good luck whatever you decide to do xx


I had a similar experience. My sales were not only the same in number as last year, but the same in value and occurred in the week before Christmas, the same as last year.

I was hoping for a small increase, year on year, but bearing in mind the reports of dire sales everywhere before Christmas, I’m very pleased to break even.

Sam x

I’ve not had as many sales as I’d hoped this year but I have had some, which is always good. I used to have a plus account but I didn’t renew that last year.
I put in a lot of hard work with my shop over the years and my shop keeps ticking over and I like the Folksy platform so I’m staying.

I don’t do as much networking as I use to (hence the down turn in sales)
It doesn’t cost much to keep it ticking over and it’s nice to have a place to direct people via facebook, my blog or twitter etc.

You have a good sales record so you could give it a another year without the plus and see how you go or you can just put it in an extended holiday for a while. Personally I wouldn’t delete the shop just in case you wanted to give it another go. Take your time making any decision.

Whatever you decide have a great New Year XX

Jan x

How are you defining ‘good’? I sold exactly the same number of pieces on folksy this december as I did last year but this years were significantly more expensive pieces so revenue was up. (Overall on folksy for this year I’ve sold fewer items but they are the more expensive ones which is the direction I want my business to go so I’m happy)


December has been good, November was quieter than last year, and October was good. Overall I’ve sold a few more items over those 3 months than last year and I’m about 20% up on last year money wise (for Oct/Nov/Dec). I was very quiet early in the year, but overall I’m a little up on last year.

Sales have been bad all year but had a few over the last few weeks, I even had 3 sales on Xmas day!!!

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My sales have not been as good over this year as last year but I sold more items this December than I’ve ever sold in a single month before. Quite a few were lower value items but, even so, it was a good month. I just hope it continues in the same vein.

November was Excellent on here and elsewhere as I had some brilliant Xmas markets. December - my Folksy December bill to date has reached its target of easily exceeding last year … so yes December is good too.:dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:


My sales were dire as I have only sold a rug in a year am getting a bit fed up but love it here on folksy so will try a bit longer .
So good luck to every one in 2018 with sales.

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I wonder if we can help you with improving your sales. Just had a look at your shop and I hope you don’t mind if I advise :slight_smile:
A. Your listing titles are no use to anyone searching. You need to say what the things are and then add the descriptive words.
Autumn has arrived = Felted Picture Autumn has arrived
Buttercup Meadow = Painting Acrylic Buttercup Meadow
Tulips = Tulips Painting
I would say you need these as a bare minimum and sure there are better titles than my quickies.

b. You have not given any dimensions. I know you have said people can ask you in your shop notice but people won’t. The dimensions need to be on each individual listing.

c. Some of your photos are a little bit fuzzy. Making me reach to clean my glasses but I don’'t wear them for the computer.

You have some lovely things but nothing sells itself.
You don’t need your shop notice to tell people they can ask you about things. I only use the notice when I have to (Christmas message etc) as it pushes all my actual listings down the page. Also could you please add the missing ‘o’ to ‘nothing is to much trouble’ as the notice as it is is the first thing people see and you don’t want any typos there.

Hope this helps get your sales up and running and gives you a great Folksy 2018 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Joy xx

Hi, not too bad on here for me but I have sold more on other platforms. I have been thinking whether to continue on here but I love it and everyone is so helpful and friendly. On another platform I have done no promoting at all and still sold items, so honestly I’m not sure what I’ll do. I currently have 3 shops and it is very time consuming keeping them all up to date and current. xx

Thanks joy , I don’t mind at all , much appreciated .
I have up dated my profile and in the new year will do better with the other suggestions and happy new year. Px

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December wasn’t quite as good as last year but the rest of the year was really good. I’ve sold as much this year as the previous 6 years altogether. The run up to Christmas was really good but then it got quieter in December.


Not sold anything in ages and then 2 sales in 24 hours . I was going to close the shop down but I quite like you quirky lot. I am working on new design’s for next year and need to list more and spend more time promoting the shop .
Hope you all have a great new year all the best for 2018
Annette x

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We have been pleased with our first year here on Folksy. November and December sales were OK for us with some customers returning to buy more which was very cheering for us. We did sell much more on an alternative selling site but those sales were mainly to the USA and Canada whereas the Folksy sale were pretty much all to UK customers. Having said that one sale went to Australia and another to Germany.

Outside on terra firma the Christmas trading has been great for us.

Our new years resolution is to cut out the summer shows which seem to cost more and more each year . Many summer shows now cost twice the cost of a years subscription to Folksy so do think about that before closing your shop.

Our best new years wishes to you all

Dos and Dave


I started rebuilding my Folksy shop in Sept/Oct, and making more of an effort with it (really can’t expect too much, if I just ignore it!). I still have lots of new items to add. However, I had some illness, combined with a crazy-busy December on the dark side (my best month ever), which left me literally no time to add new items or promote my existing Folksy offerings. Sadly, this meant no sales here.

I’m definitely not giving up, as I realise the ball is in my court. Hopefully the new year will bring me a little more time to give my Folksy shop some love (and hopefully that will have the knock-on effect of encouraging a sale or two). Fingers crossed, anyway…!

Happy New Year, everybody. :slight_smile:


I am extremely erratic at listing anything on Folksy but I had a couple of sales, I did really well originally but it all seemed to come to a halt when a lot of changes happened with the site a few years ago. I did notice when I came back in November that on the home page the number of items for sale and sellers was significantly lower than last time I looked also going through shops I have favourited since I started just how many no longer are trading. I list on etsy with more success the last year, and still majority of sales are to uk buyers. Fairs and markets were up and down. I just think it’s not easy at the moment. But I like folksy and I will keep my shop ticking over slowly!