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Did you see the TV programme about copyright?

(Jan Ryan) #1

There was a programme on the tv a couple of evenings ago, we had visitors and we were nattering so it was only on in the background. I remember they were showing t shirts with copied designs. Did any of you see the programme and know what it was or what channel it was on… I’ve searched the tv listings but can’t find it.

(Carol Lucas) #2

I’m not sure if it was the same programme, but I saw something on ‘Rip-Off Britain’ that’s on in the morning on BBC1. It was ‘tee and toast’ who said her t-shirt designs were being copied by Primark. I quickly zipped through it and it’s shown at 25 minutes :slight_smile:

Interesting, even it’s not what you are talking about!

Carol xx

(Jan Ryan) #3

Oh great, I’ll check that out :slight_smile:

(Jan Ryan) #4

Hi Carol, I’ve just had a nosey and yes that’s the one… I’ve saved it and watch it later. Thank you :smile: x

(Carol Lucas) #5

No worries! xx