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Have you seen Interior Design Masters BBC2

Has anyone seen Interior Design Masters on BBC2, I’ve just come across it on iPlayer, it’s up to episode 5. A lot of these programmes get a bit ‘unreal’ and I’m just wondering if anyone has seen it and if it’s worth watching?
Jan x

I am watching Jan and do enjoy it. Sadly as all these things egos can get in the way and some of the designs are all wrong.

Caroline x

I watched the first 3 last night on catch up, hubby was working late so it was a good opportunity :laughing:
I quite enjoyed it but as you say sometimes ego’s get in the way.
I thought that some of the designs were not brilliant and not really practical, I’ll watch some more today and see where it’s going. :slight_smile:

I agree with the others, ego’s play a huge part but then I suppose that’s why they were chosen. I tend to record it to watch when I’m up in the night with my 16yo Dobermann! :wink: I like to watch except when they start sewing and make soooo many short cuts and mistakes…but that’s the professional sewer and teacher in me! :rofl:

I didn’t get to watch any more today, but that’s the great thing about catch up tv :slight_smile: … and you can fast forward the bits you don’t wish to watch :wink: