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Money for Nothing BBC1 afternoons Mon-Fri

Anyone else been watching this? A lady called Sarah visit the local dump and rescues items and goes to restorers, artists and designer/makers to give them a new lease of life. She then sells these items and gives any profit to the people who were originally going to throw them away at the dump.

It’s quite interesting to see the different skills used by the experts, and also crucially gives the price by the designer/makers for their time.


I’ve seen some of them one I was a bit annoyed about as she used a Trademarked product for had it coated in silver then sold them on ebay. Anyone buying them would have thought they were official merchandise. Total Trademark infringement.

I haven’t seen the episode where she used the Trademarked product, but I’ve seen quite a few others. Love seeing what they make with the items. :slight_smile:

It’s ingenious, and the craftspeople are amazing. But from the episodes I’ve seen, she always ends up selling things to some dealer who you know has a fancy London shop and will sell them on at enormous prices! I’d rather she made good practical things that ‘ordinary’ people would want (and could afford). Maybe I’m misjudging, I haven’t seen many episodes. I do like that she gives the profits back the the original owners though.


I’ve seen a few items she’s altered, some of them have been a bit outlandish and impractical. I’d prefer she shows a few ordinary things that would appeal to ‘the masses’ as well as the off unusual.


oh yes remember the lamp made from the jerry can it was a bit strange.

I love this programme and watch it regularly. I’m not sure what the trademark issue was though.

It was the monopoluy game pieces it was one of the ones in the first series

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I think this series is a repeat of the first. The blanket box made into a unique sideboard was great. Also the young men who made candlesticks from copper pipe. She does sell a lot of her items to the retro shop called “The Old Cinema”. Her prices are fair for the amount of work that goes into each piece.

I love these programmes that encourage people to think before they throw! It would be nice if somebody could do the same thing for clothing. There are lots of bloggers out there that do amazing “hacks” on old pieces of clothing to give them a new lease of life (turning a large men’s shirt into a dress etc.).

Sam x

yep I’m wearing my dress to day that I made from a vintage blouse and some leftover fabric.

yesterday I was wearing my dress I made from a vintage sheet I found in a charity shop.


Oh, yes, that’s true, there’s a lot of very skilled work involved, and the cost of that is perfectly fair. But I don’t think it will make people stop at the Tip and think, ‘I won’t throw this away, because I could make it into such and such…’, because most people couldn’t; or wouldn’t have the contacts, or the up-front investment that’s needed. It’s brilliant and ingenious, but I think something on the lines of @EileensCraftStudio’s repurposing would be more effective in changing behaviour.

(I’d love to see before-and-after pictures, Eileen!)

I too would love to see before and after pictures Eileen!

There are some things that have been renovated/repurposed I didn’t like (that Jerry can light as you say Eileen!) but I do like to see the craftspeople she visits and what they do, and the fact they are getting paid a reasonable amount (i.e. a wage, not pin money). I like the fact this programme brings those craftspeople to the fore, showing that this country does have some talented craftspeople that can produce beautiful items. That (most of!) those items are one-off pieces, desirable and worth every penny to have something bespoke in your home.

I took a look at the Old Cinema website, and I was drooling at some of the items.

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Liz here they are

This one was a vintage blouse which I altered and added skirt to with some leftover fabric

This one I made from a vintage sheet

And this one I made from some odd bits of black leftover material and the black and white bit is from a sorong my MiL left me. Please ignore the back alinement of the waistband due to not having enough material


I stopped watching that program when I saw them paint one to many bits of furniture that I would have loved to have in my house in their original (pre paint) state. Did anyone see Kevin McCloud and a team of crafts persons re purpose as much as they could of an old jumbo jet? All the bits that could be re used within the aviation industry were removed first and they were left with the air frame, seats, wiring, ducting etc that were deemed scrap. They made garden offices from the air frame, bird houses from the ducting, bags from the seat covers and a hot tub from an engine cowl (there were others but I’ve forgotten what) and sold them. The bird houses were awesome, its amazing what can be done with a little imagination and some practical skills.


Wow! I love these, especially the floral dress. How clever!

I love the Vintage sheet one Eileen, that’s right up my street!

A couple of years before I took up sewing, I made a victorian dress for my then 6yr old daughter for a school event from an old pair of curtains. I didn’t have much of a clue as to what I was doing, and as I didn’t have a machine, it was all hand sewn! Took me 2weeks to make it!


oh yes I saw that one of the painted furniture I nearly cried when I saw that one as I would have had it in it’s original condition in my house as well. They ruined it :frowning:

I never saw the airplane programme now I would have loved to have seen that.

I know when I changed my last exhaust one of my cars I cut the old exhausts up, cleaned them and sealed them and made them into planters. All nicely planted up with planets I’d propregated from my own garden. They were in my garden for less than a week before someone asked where I’d got them and asking how much they cost. When I explained I made them and they were for sale they came back an hour later bought them and took them away.

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It was called kevin’s supersized salvage in case they repeat it. I think the team of people are still recycling aeroplanes as I found these bird boxes
they look like they stock other bits of upcycled aircraft. Over head locker bench seat anyone?

I love it, it’s wonderful, well done on all the hand sewing. I’ve hand sewn clothes in the past when I only owned one sewing machine and it was broken and I couldn’t afford another one.

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