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Hello all,

Hope all are well. I’ve decided to concentrate on just digital sales for a while, partly because I have crochet elbow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and partly because a trip to the post office might leave me with more than I wanted!

Just wondered if the lovely Folksy are planning on either creating a specific category for digital downloads (ie one with an altered refund statement). It would of course be fantastic to be able to offer an instant download, but I suspect that until more people are wanting to sell digital items then this might just be a pipe dream…!

I think digital downloads are the way forward for a lot of things. I use the other side for buying DD’s.

I hope @folksy bring this in soon too! The other week I used one of my votes on a voting thread about this :+1: :grinning:

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I would also like to see digital downloads available on Folksy. I design my own crochet patterns and at the moment offer them by email. Which is fine & works but downloads would be quicker for the buyer I think!

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Hi everyone! The reason we haven’t offered digital downloads so far is because of VAT Moss. By having the extra element of a manual interaction – ie you emailing the PDF to the customer – it ensures that the products are not subject to VAT Moss regulations. But we are currently working on a new improved listing page/app, so we could potentially add an option for digital downloads that you tick when listing a product and it then changes the returns policy (or adds a different one), and possibly also adds a banner/ribbon to the picture that tells customers it’s a download? Would that be helpful?

In terms of categories, would you want a specific section under ‘Supplies’, ‘Handmade Supplies’ or in ‘Patterns’ - or are there any other categories where it would be useful too?


Thank you for the information. It helps to understand the reasons behind no digital downloads.
I think as regards categories I would personally search under “patterns” & whatever craft it was for ie. knitting, crochet, sewing etc.

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That sounds good. Perhaps add a note somewhere to explain about VAT Moss so buyers understand? Would you be able to add the VAT cost for the patterns if it is downloadable?

Under Patterns would be more obvious to the customer who is looking for patterns, I would think.

I’m not sure :thinking: The patterns I would be selling are for bead work :grinning:

A banner or ribbon on the listing sounds like a very good idea :+1: