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Dim question about facebook

(Tanith Rouse) #1

I would like to put my facebook details on my business cards but I don’t know what it should look like. The only link I know of is this one,
which is way too long to put on a tiny business card.
How do I find out what the short version of this should look like please? There seem to be quite a few facebook pages with Dare to Dream in the title, so I’m a bit confused.
Thanks :smile:

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #2

This link might help:

It looks like you haveb’t claimed your ‘vanity url’- which is the shorter, catchier one.

(Helen Smith) #3

Whenever you copy a URL you can ignore the question mark and anything after it - that helps a bit.

What you need to do is to set the URL for your page, I’m afraid I don’t quite remember where you do this, start by looking in your ‘About’ section, it’s probably there**

Then you should end up with a nice snappy URL like (just an example, not spamming, please don’t look how neglected it is!!)

Hope that helps!

**What Lowri said!

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #4

Snap! :wink:

Here’s som more help:

(Tanith Rouse) #5

That’s great, thanks everyone, I’ll have a look at those links and see if I can make it shorter :wink:

(Samantha Stanley) #6

Thanks Folks! I just solved a problem I (stupidly) didn’t know I had with your fantastic advise :smile: As always the Folksy Forum rocks!!!

Love Sam x

(Susannah Ayre) #7

My Facebook page is simply
So I’m assuming yours will just similar. Is it not?

(cindyheadley) #8

The trick is to hit the ‘your name’ button and not Home (which most people use all the time). Then you get the short url with no page reference number, so mine is

(Tanith Rouse) #9

Well, thank you so much for all your help and hints, I must be really dim because I can’t seem to sort it out at all. When I tried to change the name via Lowri’s link, all the dare to dream names were unavailable, I tried so many different combinations. :frowning:

(Helen Smith) #10

That is a problem… how about ‘Dare to Dream by Tanith’? You have a lovely unusual name, why not use it? (Says the person called Smith, a bit enviously…)

(cindyheadley) #11

Or Tanith Dares to Dream…(says the woman whoes best friend is also called Tanith :smiley: )

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #12

I think some of the ‘dare to dream’ combos are personal profiles by the looks of it- that’s why they come up as taken. You’re not dim :smile:

I’m sure you’ll come up with something… Dare to Dream by Tanith is nice. Dare to Dream creations, Dare to Dream Jewellery… something will come to you :slight_smile:

(Tanith Rouse) #13

Ooh, thanks, I like all of your suggestions, especially Dare to Dream by Tanith (thanks Helen) I don’t know why I didn’t just call my folksy shop something using my real name, it probably would have been much easier. I suppose I could always change my Folksy name too? Cindy, that’s a coincidence about your best friend, I don’t meet many other Tanith’s !