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Disappointment regards variations listing

so i signed up a few months ago and was hoping to list my items but due to item variations listing not been on found it take me forever and a day to upload all the sizes,
so i havent actually listed anything with running my items from other sites i was hoping before xmas the variations listing would been added since i did read up that this was been looked in all most a year ago
i will be adding items in the new year but just not as many as i wanted too
for the items i make would need 20+ individual listing just for 1 design due to the sizes i offer,
i actually think will take me time and effort to do specially when the items im going to be selling can have up to 7 designs each
so for 1 item with 7 designs and over 20 + sizes id have to make a crazy amount of listing making it confusing and alot of effort to keep track ,
not only that im going to have customers having to search all my listing just for a size they require
i was praying this would been a propriety to folksy to help there sellers make selling easier and smarter please hurry up with this update!!! we need it haha rant over

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If you’ve that many options, you’d be as well buying a Plus account. You don’t get a gazillion “variations” but you CAN have a gazillion listings, all for the bargain price of £45 a year.

Then you could organise your products into categories (ie by style, or size, or whatever you want). Take a look at some of the Plus shops - see how they do it, particularly those with a LOT of items. Some of the supplies sellers are magnificently organised and their shops are a wonder to those of us who are more chaotic (speaking of myself there).

Whilst it may mean a lot of “effort”, if you’re prepared to do the work setting it out properly, your potential customers will have to put a lot less effort into finding what they want in your shop. The Plus account would give you a lot more flexibility over how you set your shop out and organise it the way you want to.

The choice is yours - either you put the effort in, or they have to. My experience tells me that if you don’t make an effort, they won’t. They’ll just shop elsewhere.


Hi Andrew. We have started work on variations and this is one of our priorities for the New Year. The alternative payment work took precedence because feedback showed customers were not always able to pay by Paypal and we needed to offer them an alternative way to checkout. Lois is absolutely right about the Plus account though - this could be a great solution in the meantime. You could list the seven designs and give the different options for each in your description. Buyers can then leave you a message at checkout about which size they need. I hope that helps.


So you come to this lovely friendly site, list 3 items for free and then have a rant about there being no option for variations in the listings. Whilst, in the meantime some people, who have been here for many years are still waiting very patiently. And, if you took the trouble to have a look at what others do, you would realise that it is possible to list items and give the customers different options, without a dropdown menu.
So, spend a bit of time and effort in your shop yourself and don’t expect everything to be handed on a plate to you.